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Seminar Talks

Seminar talks

The economic seminar offers guest lecturers the opportunity to present their research and discuss their academic papers.

Existing collaborations can thus be expanded and new research co-operations can be found. The format comprises a one hour presentation followed by discussions of half an hour and ends with a casual dinner.

The economic seminar takes place on mondays from  4:15 to 6:00 p.m in room A5 1-158.

current events in STUD.IP: 2.02.002

seminar talks 2019

09.12.209   David Gomtsyan PhD.
HSE - St. Petersburg
The Incidence of VAT Evasion
25.11.209   Prof. Sebastian Schwenen PhD.
TU Munich
Technology Policy and Market Structure: Evidence from the Power Sector
11.11.2019   Prof. Mathias Reynaert PhD.
Toulouse School of Economics
Favoritism and Corrective Taxation
04.11.2019   Davide Cerruti
Postdoctoral Reserarcher, Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE) ETH Zürich
The Effect of Information on Market Activity; Evidence from Vehicle Recalls
14.10.2019   Dr. Sven Resnanskij
ifo Institut - Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung an der Universität München e.V.
Individualism and Cognitive Skills – Evidence from a Large-Scale Skill Assessment
03.06.2019   Prof. Dr. Michael Pflüger

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

On the Road (Again). Commuting and Local Employment Elasticities in Germany

Iñaki Arto
BC-Basque Centre for Climate Change Bilbao, Spain

The economic impact of Spanish National Energy and Climate Plan 2020 - 2030
20.05.2019   Prof. Dominique Demougin

PhD von der University of Liverpool

A steady-state analysis of legal competition with freedom of movement

Dr. Ralf Döring
AG Ökonimische Analysen, Thünen-Institut für Seefischerei

Wie (müssten) Fischer auf Klimawandel und Änderungen im Fischereimanagement reagieren -  Ergebnisse ökonomischer Analysen aus EU-Forschungsprojekten

Manfred Fischedick
Wuppertal Institut

Stand von Energiewende und Klimaschutz in Deutschland - Herausforderungen und Chancen, was ist zu tun?
29.04.2019   Prof. Dr. Tim Mennel


Ein Ampelmodell für den Schweizer Strommarkt

seminar talks 2018

10.12.2018   Prof. Dr. Michael Pflüger

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

On the Road (Again). Commuting and Local Employment Elasticities in Germany

03.12.2018   Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber

Universität Essen-Duisburg

Long-term Electricity Market Equilibria with Storage in the Presence of Stochastic Renewable Infeed

19.11.2018   Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fritsche

Universität Hamburg

Deciphering Professional Forecasters´Stories - Analyzing a Corpus of Textual Predictions for the German Economy
21.10.2018   Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khabbazan

Klima-Exzellenzcluster Universität Hamburg

Economics of climate geoengineering
18.06.2018   Dr. Torsten Upmann

Helmholtz Institut in Oldenburg

Optimal Fishery with Coastal Catch
04.06.2018   Prof. Dr. Bengt Kriström

Sveriges lantbruks-
universitet Umea
University and the
Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences

New Developments In Cost-Benefit Analysis
28.05.2018   Prof. Dr. Ingo Geishecker

Europa Universität Viadrina

Chinese Competition: Intra-industry and Intra-firm Adaptation

07.05.2018   Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel

Universität Münster

The Demand for Global and Local Environmental Protection – Experimental Evidence from Climate Change Mitigation in Beijing
09.04.2018   Prof. Nic Rivers

University of Ottawa

The economic costs of air pollution: Evidence from Europe
15.01.2018   Prof. Dr. Torben Klarl

Universität Bremen

Status race for health, fiscal policy, elastic labor supply, and endogenous growth


seminar talks 2017


Prof. Dr. Erkan Gören und Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bitzer

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Foreign Aid and Subnational Development: A Grid Cell Empirical Investigation

Prof. Ph.D. Holger Görg

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Reconsidering the wage effects of foreign owned firms

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruckner

Universität Leipzig

Integrated Assessment Modelle und kosteneffiziente Klimaschutzstrategien auf globaler Ebene

Prof. Dr. Marcel Timmer

Universität Groningen

Peak trade? An Anatomy of the Global Trade Slowdown

Dr. Frank Pothen

Universität Hannover

The Interaction of Climate and Trade Policy

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buchholz

Universität Regensburg

Technology Transfers in Global Climate Policy: A Strategic Perspective

seminar talks 2016


PhD Tarek Harchaoui

University Groningen

Here Comes the Sun with its Quality-Adjusted Price Index

Dr. Mikel Gonzalez

Basque Climate Center at Bilbao

Implications of rapid Arctic change for climate stabilization

Prof. Dr. Knut Einar Rosendahl

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The impacts of the EU ETS on Norwegian plants' environmental and economic performance

PD Dr. Alexander Spermann

Universität Freiburg

Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen und empirische Methoden: Bringen Feldexperimente mehr Einsichten als Mikrosimulationen und CGE-Modelle?

Prof. Dr. Martin Uebele

Universität Groningen

The Global Impact of the Great Depression

Dr. Paul Lehmann

Zentrum für Umwelt-forschung (UFZ)

Addressing multiple externalities from electricity generation: A case for EU renewable energy policy beyond 2020?

seminar talks 2015


Prof. Dr. J. Paul Elhorst

(Universität Groningen)

A regional unemployment model simultaneously accounting for serial dynamics, weak and strong cross-sectional dependence

Prof. Dr. Grischa Perino

(Universität Hamburg)

The price and emission effects of a market stability reserve in a competitive allowance market

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lange

(Universität Hamburg)

Providing (Impure) Public Goods under Risk

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Weikard

(Universität Wageningen)

International Environmental Agreements: Join or Support?


Prof. Dr. Patrick Puhani

(Universität Hannover)

Do Boys Benefit from Male Teachers in Elementary School? Evidence from Administrative Panel Data


Prof. Dr. Gaaitzen de Vries

(University of Groningen)

Functional Specialization in International Production Chains: An Exploration based on Occupational Data

Prof. Dr. Dierk Herzer

(Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Hamburg)


The long-run effect of foreign direct investment on total factor productivity in developing countries


Prof. Dr. Stefan Traub

(Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg)

Competition, Income Distribution, and the Middle Class: An Experimental Study

Prof. Dr. Ingo Geishecker

(European University Viadrina)

Intensive and Extensive Margins of Offshoring and Associated Wage Effects: Empirical Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data

Dr. Bart Los

(Universität Groningen)

The Demand for Skills 1995-2008: A Global Supply Chain Perspective

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rausch

(ETH, Zürich)

Cross-country electricity trade and renewable energy

Prof. Dr. Philipp Schröder

(Aarhus University)

Harmonization versus Mutual Recognition: Some pitfalls for the coordination of product standards under imperfect competition

seminar talks 2014


Prof. Dr. Henk Folmer

(Universität Groningen)

Perception-based averting behavior in the jinchuan area, China  
A structural equation modeling approach


Dr. Rolf Künneke

(TU Delft)

Critical Infrastructures: Aligning Instutions and Technology

Dennis Novy
Associate Professor

(University of Warwick, UK)

Domestic and International Border Effects: State Size Matters

Erik Dietzenbacher

(University of Groningen)

Applying the World Input-Output Database to Study Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Prof. Dr. Michael Neugart

(TU Darmstadt)

A tradable employment quota

Edwin van der Werf
Assistant Professor

(Wageningen University, NL)

'Should we be worried about the green paradox? Announcement effects of the Acid Rain Program

Michael Hübler

(Leibniz University Hannover)

The Optimal Tariff in the Presence of Trade-Induced Productivity Gains

Prof. Dr. Holger Görg

(Universität Kiel)                      

Investment liberalisation, technology take-off and export market entry: Firm level evidence for China

Dr. Sanne Hiller

(Universität Lüneburg)

Business or immigrant networks: What matters for firms’ export performance?"

seminar talks 2013


Prof. Dr. Martin Quaas

(Universität Kiel)

Public and private management of renewable resources: Who gains, who loses?

Dr. Robert Schmidt

(Humboldt Universität, Berlin)

Climate cooperation with border tax adjustments and early investments in low-carbon-technologies

Prof. Dr. Jörn Kleinert

(Universität, Graz)

Home bias in financial markets

Prof. Dr. Frank Stähler

(Uni Tübingen)

International competition with non-linear pricing

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rausch

(ETH, Zürich)


Susana Ferreira

(Assistant Professor; Department of Agriculture & Applied Economics, University of Georgia).

Does development reduce fatalities from natural disasters? New evidence for floods

Prof. Knut E. Rosendahl

(UMB School of Economics and Business, Norwegian Universityof Life Sciences, Ås, Norway)

Short run effects of bleaker prospects for oligopolistic producers of a nonrenewable resource

Prof. Dr. Georg Meran

(TU Berlin)

Soziale Präferenzen und steigende Blocktarife im Wassersektor

Dr. Mads Greaker

(Forschungsleiter, statistisk sentralbyrå, Statistics Norway)

Optimal environmental policy with network effects

Emmanuel Asane Otoo

(MA Sc., University of Copenhagen)

International integration and threshold adjustment in the Burkinabe cereal market

seminar talks 2012


09.07.2012Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bitzer
(Uni Oldenburg)
Approximating Capital Service by Energy Use: A Growth Accounting Exercise
25.06.2012Prof. Dr. Katrin Rehdanz
(Uni Kiel)
The Impact of Climate on Life-Satisfaction
11.06.2012Prof. Dr. Hans Fehr
(Uni Würzburg)
Sollte das deutsche Rentensystem mehr umverteilen?
24.04.2012 Prof. Dr. Anke Gerber
(Uni Hamburg)
Minimum Participation Rules for the Provision of Public Goods
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