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Doctoral Programme TELIS


TELIS stands for “Transnational Economics and Law in the Information Society” and is a doctoral studies programme offered by the Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities (3GO) and the Faculty II for Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

Modern society is characterized by a worldwide interconnectedness manifesting itself in comprehensive economic and legal relations across the traditional boundaries of national states and regulation systems. Transnational corporations (also known as multinational enterprises) and other organizations interact in increasingly new and complex ways, thereby calling for the development of new institutional standards and regulatory frameworks governing transnational relations.

The analysis of transnational processes and accompanying dynamic developments poses a central challenge for research in Business Administration, Economics, and Law. Given the rapidly expanding and multifaceted avenues for academic inquiry, the TELIS programme offers doctoral students of the Faculty II in the areas of Business Administration, Economics, and Law the opportunity to acquire relevant research skills.

The aim is to enhance proficiency in the field of specialisation and other areas pertinent to a profound understanding of transnational processes. In addition, the programme provides access to interdisciplinary competences required for research work and later careers in a transnational environment.

Upon successful completion of the doctoral dissertation students graduating within the TELIS programme are awarded a supplementary certificate to the doctoral diploma which details the acquired competences and qualifications.

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