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Malena Ripken

Malena Ripken

Research associate and project coordinator NorthSEE


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Blue Growth, Blue Energy, spatial planning


Malena Ripken is a research associate at COAST at the University of Oldenburg. Her research focuses on transnational marine / maritime spatial planning (MSP), stakeholder engagement strategies, and the marine energy sector. Malena is the project coordinator of the EU funded projects, including SP-MSP, a strategic partnership for higher education (Erasmus+) and NorthSEE (Interreg Vb NSR). She has been working together with national ministries and research organizations across Europe, while focusing on European sea basins. Together with colleagues she has developed the Living Q methodological approach to better understand stakeholder’s viewpoints on MSP. Recent projects also include the MSP Challenge, a computer-supported strategic game, and the corresponding table top board game about the complex challenges of MSP.

Malena has been born and raised at the German North Sea coast and graduated from the University of Bremen with a B.Sc. in Physical Geography, the University of Oldenburg (Germany), as well as from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) with a M.Sc. in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning.

Recent publications

  1. Ripken, M., Keijser, X., Klenke, T., & Mayer, I. (2018). The ‘Living Q’—An Interactive Method for Actor Engagement in Transnational Marine Spatial Planning. Environments, 5(8), 87.
  2. Vogel, C.; Ripken, M.; Klenke, T. (2018) Linking Marine Ecosystem Services to the North Sea’s Energy Fields in Transnational Marine Spatial Planning. Environments, 5, 67.
  3. Keijser, X., Ripken, M., Mayer, I., Warmelink, H., Abspoel, L., Fairgrieve, R., & Paris, C. (2018). Stakeholder Engagement in Maritime Spatial Planning: The Efficacy of a Serious Game Approach. Water, 10(6), 724.
  4. Keijser X., Ripken M., Warmelink H., Abspoel L., Fairgrieve R., Mayer I. (2018) Maritime Spatial Planning – A Board Game for Stakeholder Involvement. In: Lukosch H., Bekebrede G., Kortmann R. (eds) Simulation Gaming. Applications for Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructures. ISAGA 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10825. Springer, Cham
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