Information infrastructures

Information infrastructures are technically and organisationally networked services and facilities for accessing and maintaining databases, information bases, and knowledge bases.
(Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen – RfII)

Open Access

The Presidential Board of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg strongly supports Open Access publishing and is since 2016 co-funding the Open Access Publication Fund.
Information on open access at the BIS - Library and Information System

Research Data

Research Information System (FIS)

The University of Oldenburg is currently in the process of preparing the introduction of a Current Research Information System (CRIS) designed to create a reliable central data and information base for mapping the university's research activities. To achieve this, it will bring together pieces of information from various sources (e.g. on projects, publications, or events) and connect them both to each other and to individuals and organisational units.

The CRIS will increase the quantity of the information on the university's research activities while also improving its quality. Various interest groups stand to benefit from the CRIS - researchers can use it as a central tool for presenting their research, e.g. by creating publication lists and scientific CVs for websites, but the CRIS can also be used to streamline or establish workflows between science and administration.

The aim is to incorporate existing data into the future research information system as effectively as possible, to reduce the number of multiple entries and coordination processes, and to enable multiple uses.

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