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Alumni Associations

Alumni-Vereinigungen an der Universität Oldenburg

The central university network of alumni is not the only alumni association at the University of Oldenburg. Some subjects and institutes have founded their own clubs and associations over the years. Among them are:

Computer Science

The association "OLDIES - OLDenburger Informatik - Ehemalige Studierende e.V." was founded in 1998. Its main goal is taking care of the relations between former and present students as well as teachers of the institute of computer science. It also supports graduates in starting a careers as well as establishing contact with co-operation partners for research projects.


Renewable Energy

The graduates of the international postgraduate program "Renewable Energy" maintain a network that extends all over the world. The program for former students includes follow-up seminars, alumni meetings in different parts of the world, information via newsletter and graduation ceremonies.

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Economics and Law

The Department of Economics and Law at the University of Oldenburg has more than 2,000 students in the fields of economics and business administration - with various specialisations - as well as a economic teacher training. The aims of the "Förderverein Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften e.V." are to anchor the faculty in the North-West region, to improve the material and non-material conditions of work and to intensify cooperation with regional partners.


Sustainability Economics and Management / EcoEco

Sustainability is one of the major research topics in Oldenburg - not only in the field of renewable energies, but also with regard to the economic relations of sustainable development. Since the sustainability debate is taking place on a very international and interdisciplinary level, the establishment of sustainable networks is essential. For this purpose, the Oldenburg Master's program "Sustainability Economics and Management" maintains its own alumni group, which is open to all graduates of this Master's program or of the specialisation "Ecological Economics".

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Hanse Law School

The alumni of the Hanse Law School, which is co-operatively established between Oldenburg and Bremen, have their own alumni association, which offers regular meetings, lectures on professional practice and a forum for networking.


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