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Alumni Platform

OldenburgConnect (OLC) is the alumni platform and online community for alumni of the University of Oldenburg. Former students, guest researchers and current university members and lecturers have the opportunity to actively network with each other beyond their studies, teaching and stay in Oldenburg.

On our online platform you will find the long-lost student friend, the girl from the cafeteria, the odd professor from Faculty V. You can make contacts with colleagues and contacts for business relations. Or you can decide to support our current students as a mentor — in their studies, in finding a career, as a networking partner. Share your experiences with others!

To Register or Not to Register?

Registering with OLC is not equivalent to registering with the Alumni Network.

As a social media platform, OLC offers a much broader range of features and networking opportunities than a more passive network membership. On the other hand, active participation in an online community generates more data, i.e.: conversation histories, status reports, posted pictures, job offers and much more. These are personal data relevant to data protection law. Registering with OLC is therefore an open offer for our alumni.

However, we encourage you to join the online community. Because the more alumni actively participate in shaping the network, the more the alumni community as a whole will benefit. Such a network thrives by its members.


The OldenburgConnect monthly newsletter reaches all our alumni — whether they have registered on the platform or not.

However, while registered members receive individually tailored newsletters containing information from different subjects, faculties, branches or years depending on their profile, alumni who have registered in the central alumni network but not for OLC will receive the general contents of the newsletter and the latest developments from the online community, but no information tailored to their individual study or alumni profiles.

For example, OLC automatically sends invitations to events of interest to alumni, for example in the field of teaching, to those members who have listed degrees in their profiles. Members not registered with OLC who are known to the system only as e-mail addresses cannot be notified in such a targeted way.

Frequent Questions

How can I use OldenburgConnect effectively?

OldenburgConnect (OLC) is a social network. But it is not a second Facebook. Although the university welcomes active participation and our alumni especially benefit from it, OLC is not designed as a daily companion.

OldenburgConnect offers the alumni of Carl von Ossietzky University the opportunity to search for individual people. These can be old acquaintances, friends, former professors. But they can also be contacts in certain industries, executives in Mustermann KG or likeable alumni in the planned holiday destination. OLC is therefore a tool for networking and maintaining contacts.

At the same time, it functions as a communication center for our alumni, as a representative digital space. The university therefore strives to make it interesting and stimulating — by placing pictures, public comments, links to news articles, interfaces to the university's social media channels and more in it.

How do I register?

It is important that you register with your correct first and last name. This is the only way we can build a network in which a trusting community can grow.

Specifically, you can use your Facebook and LinkedIn user information to sign in to OLC. In this way, you can easily import data from these networks into your OLC profile and do not have to enter all your information manually.

If you can't or don't want to use the Facebook or LinkedIn login option, you can of course sign up using an individual email address.

All registrations will be reviewed before you gain access to OLC. This ensures that only alumni and other affiliates of the University of Oldenburg have access.

If you registered with the Alumni Network before 2017, please register with OLC using the same e-mail address you used on your registration form. This will allow you to skip the verification of your application.

Why is some of the Information in English?

The platform provider with whom the University of Oldenburg works is an internationally operating company that has only recently penetrated the German market. The source language of the platform is English and the path to a complete German translation is not yet complete.

We ask for your understanding that some subtleties are not yet presented in a standardized way.

What is Graduway?

Graduway is a multinational provider of online platforms for Alumni Relations Management, partnering with many renowned universities. In 2016, the University of Oldenburg and Graduway signed a service agreement under which Graduway operates a platform on behalf of Carl von Ossietzky University and provides technical support. In this context, the university works closely with Graduway to optimize the services of OldenburgConnect in the interest of our alumni and to find solutions for the specific needs of Oldenburg users.

The data and information provided by our alumni on OLC will not be passed on to third parties by Graduway and will only be used to operate the services used by visitors through the platform.

May I register as a Non-Alumn?

OLC serves to connect alumni with each other and with their university. We invite all alumni to register for OLC and become active on the platform so that alumni do not lose touch with each other or can find one another in the future.

However, a university undoubtedly also needs its teachers, whose personality, knowledge and skills are so formative for the time of study. For this reason, we also encourage all professors, lecturers and other teaching staff to register for OLC and get in touch with their former students, build personal networks and exchange ideas on topics from their everyday lives and careers.

Intergenerational networks are the most fruitful.

How about Data Protection?

Carl von Ossietzky University has contractually agreed with the service provider Graduway, which operates OldenburgConnect on behalf of our university, that the data and information provided by our alumni on OLC may not be passed on to third parties. They only serve to operate the services used by visitors through the platform.

The university itself never passes on the data of its alumni to third parties.

Which data is made visible to other users of the platform within the network is decided by the users themselves through the configuration of their profiles. The misuse of such data is punishable by law.

In addition, we would like to refer you to our data protection declaration.

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