Graduate steering group

Currently the graduates steering group consists of the following members: 

  • Ulrike Upmeyer (all years before 2007 and ÖkÖk)
  • Claudia Stüwe (2007)
  • Jan Ahmels (2009)
  • Daniel Constein (2011)
  • Alexandra Unger (2014, 2015)



During the first SEM-graduates meeting in November 2013 a steering group for graduates activities has been chosen. The steering group consists of graduates from different years. During the meeting first conceptual work has been done, as the definition of the steering group's work fields.
For quality assurance of the programme there has been a survey among the graduates for the first time. Afterwards the survey has been continued online. First results of the survey can be consulted here (only in German).
There has been a second graduates meeting in february 2016. More information will follow.

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