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Jobs and Career

Jobs and Counselling

The question of one's career runs through the entire life cycle of an alum's existence. Whether immediately after graduation, in the first finding phase, in a professional reorientation, in further education and training — we are always looking for opportunities to develop professionally.

The University of Oldenburg supports its alumni in this search. The aim here is to bring together those seeking and those offering such opportunities. On these pages you will find information about services for alumni as well as for job providers.

Different institutions within the university administration offer services for alumni and students. Project networks and other cooperations from the region are also devoting themselves to the target group. This overview serves as a first orientation and should enable alumni to get in touch with the responsible offices.

Starting a career

The first point of contact for graduates is the Study and Career Counselling Service in the Department for Student and Academic Affairs of the University of Oldenburg.

Here, students and alumni have the opportunity, up to one year after graduation, to receive individual counselling on career prospects, strengths and weaknesses, in order to successfully plan their first or second entry into professional life. The counselling service also includes information on academic careers.

Counselling conversations are, of course, confidential.

Following the doctoral phase

Usually, following a doctorate, there are two options: on the one hand, continuing the academic career at universities, research institutions or scientific projects, and on the other hand, switching to a non-university occupation.

Although academic careers present their own challenges, institutionalized frameworks generally provide career opportunities that are comparatively clear.

A non-university career can be much more diverse. The competencies acquired during the doctoral phase are not always in demand here in a scientific sense; it is often not the knowledge that is sought after on the job market, but rather the skills that have made it possible to obtain a doctorate.

After graduation and the often immediately following doctoral phase, the leap into a different job profile can require one to rethink. Providing support for this rethinking and the transition to a non-university career is one of the aims of the KarriereWege sub-project of the Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg.

The KarriereWege team offers the following services:

  • Structured contact seminars
  • Practice phases
  • Mentoring
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Workshops with junior managers

Continuing education

Study programs

Through the Center for Lifelong Learning (C3L), the University of Oldenburg offers innovative university teaching, excellent courses of study and personal contact with lecturers in small study groups. The part-time Bachelor's and Master's programmes combine a modern and flexible online courses with compact classroom workshops.

Continuing education

In addition, the C3L offers the opportunity to complete numerous certificate programs and state-approved training courses in the areas of education & management, consulting & conflict management as well as psychotherapy & university outpatient care.

Guest student program

The C3L is also responsible for the supervision of the guest student program. It is particularly popular with retired alumni and is open to all ages. Even schoolchildren can gain an initial glimpse into university education.

The guest student program has a long tradition in Oldenburg. From an early stage, the aim here was to make university courses accessible to an interested public and thus to strengthen the ties between the university and the region.

Guest students can choose from a wide range of courses during their studium generale.

As excellently trained young professionals, graduates of the University of Oldenburg constitute a sought-after asset for the scientific and non-scientific labour market. Companies, research institutions and other organisations wishing to promote their interest may take advantage of our services.

OldenburgConnect as a job board

OldenburgConnect (OLC) is the online community for alumni of the University of Oldenburg. It serves as a social media platform for direct exchange, as an event calendar, information center and distribution system.

OLC makes it possible to provide all alumni with news on general topics and individually specific interests. Job offers can also be sent to the entire network or to subgroups according to subjects and other criteria.

Announcements are regularly and automatically sent to the members of the network by newsletter. In addition to job offers, the newsletter contains further information from the university and news from the network.

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