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Netiquette for requests by e-mail [pdf]

For personal enquiries please have your student ID or application number ready on hand.

1. Which language skills do I need to study at the University of Oldenburg?

You need German language proficiency on the level DSH 2/TestDaf 4x4 to receive admission for specialized studies.

2. How can I acquire basic language proficiency at the University of Oldenburg?

You need to hold at least a B1 level certificate in German language to be eligible for our preparatory German courses. Without any proof of German skills on a B1 level you cannot participate in the course. Our preparatory German courses lead to the required DSH 2 certificate.

Course places are limited.

3. Is it possible for me to acquire language skills during the semester break?

It is possible to participate in immersion courses to acquire language skills up to B2-level.

You can registrate via our language center.

4. Can I take language courses without being enrolled at the University of Oldenburg?

In order to participate in our preparatory German courses you need to hold proof of language proficiency on the level B1 or higher. ALSO, you need to apply for specialized studies at the University of Oldenburg.

5. Can I study if I only have English language proficiency and no German language skills?

We currently offer a number of Master’s programmes which are entirely taught in English. When applying for these programmes, German language proficiency is not required:

6. I acquired German language proficiency in my home country. Is it possible for me to now take the DSH-exam at the University of Oldenburg?

The DSH-exam offered by the University of Oldenburg is primarily offered for our applicants. Therefore, we advise you to apply at the University of Oldenburg if you want to take the DSH-exam at our Language Center. Local external participants are only allowed if there are free capacities.

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