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Central Information Service

Phone 0441 - 798 4444

Printing, scanning, photocopying

The University Library offers photocopiers and book scanners for printing, scanning and copying in both the Central Library on Haarentor Campus and in the Departmental Library on Wechloy Campus.
To use these you need either a new library card or a CampusCard.

Cards can be charged with funds at terminals near the user-services counter in the central library (one terminal for cash and one for ec cards). New library cards and CampusCards can be charged with up to 55 Euros.

More info on the CampusCard on the university's webpage

Using the Printers/Scanners/Copiers

  • To use the new printers/scanners/copiers your resp. card must be charged with a minimum of 1.40 Euros.
  • The new printer driver is called "Drucken_im_BIS". When selecting this driver, a pop-up window requires entering a number. That number is printed on the back of the new library and on the front of the CampusCard. (Note that the number on the CampusCard is 17 digits long and must be entered completely!)
  • Currently, it is possible to scan to USB. No card is required for this. Simply plug in the stick and begin scanning. No fee is charged.
  • A driver to be downloaded for use on your personal equipment will be made available by the IT Services in the near future.
  • The color setting in the printer driver when you print from your USB is set to full color. To print in black and white change the color setting directly at the printer after selecting the file you wish to print.


  • Black and white: 5 cents per A4 page, 10 cents per A3 page
  • Color: 35 cents per A4 page, 70 cents per A3 page
  • Scanning: free of charge
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