For information on library hours and services during the COVID-19 restrictions v. our Current Library Services page.

Scan Requests via Online Form

Since the beginning of the special operations mode, all members of the university (students, faculty and teaching staff) holding a valid library card can place scan requests.

Scan requests and loan orders must be placed using the online-form.

CampusCard for Students

Upon enrollment, all students receive the university's CampusCard. To use the CampusCard as library card a one-time registration is required using your university account (abcd1234 plus password). Following that, the CampusCard must be presented at the user services desk for a final validation.

Use the Campus Card to pay library fees and for the copiers/scanners/printers in the library.

To add credit (55 Euros max.) to the Campus Card use one of the terminals near the user services desk in the central library. Another terminal is available to pay fees.

The Library Holdings

  • The University Library is an open-stack library. The majority of the approximately 1.4 million books in its reading rooms are available for browsing and borrowing.
  • The library holds one of the largest collections of audio-visual media in the country including DVDs, videos cassettes, films, CD-/DVD-ROMs, media combinations, tests and slide collections.
  • The media technology services lend cameras, beamers, and other media equipment.
  • If a resource is unavailable in one of the Oldenburg libraries you can request it from another library through the interlibrary loans service and document delivery service
  • If you would like to request an acquisiton, you can do so by filling in the Acquisitions Form.
  • The subito document delivery service guarantees fast delivery of books or articles within a set time frame.
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