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CENTOS Postershows

Centos-Postershow 2016

The follwing posters were presented in 2016 and can be downloaded here:

CENTOS Postershow 2015

Here you can download the posters of each chair and research team by clicking on the pictures.


Business Adminstration and Marketing


Business Informatics



Cascade Use


Ecological Economics


Economics Policy



Environmental Economics


Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-Innovation

Public Economics



Regional  Structure- and Environmental Research 


Business Management & Production and Environment

   Vocational Training and Business Education



Economic Theorie




At the beginning of the winter term 2014/15 CENTOS presented the main research result of its members through a poster show. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and present the newest research results to our members, fellow colleagues and our students. This event also strengthened our network and the communication with other COAST-centres. For this reason we not only invited CENTOS-members, but also COAST-members, fellow scientists and sustainability students.

Picture: Leena Karrasch

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