The number of the CIP room is:

W02 2-249

It is located on the campus Wechloy on the 2nd floor of the Institute of Physics (W02).

 Map of the Campus Wechloy


Stefan Krautwald
CIP-Room representative

Office: W02 3-344

Office hours: By appointment

Phone: +49 441 798 3456

Hilde Bellersen
CIP-Room Tutor

Office: W16A 103

Office hours: By appointment


CIP-Room Overview

Welcome to the website of the Computer-Investitions-Programm (CIP) of the Institute of Physics

The CIP-cluster is driven by the Department of Physics and the IT-Dienste of the University of Oldenburg.

For general questions about the use, installation of software or room reservations please contact the CIP-Support
Suggestions and criticisms in any form are also welcome.


Opening hours and access

Opening hours:

The CIP room is available on weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm.


To access the CIP facilities you must be a student of Physics at the Uni Oldenburg (which includes Engineering Physics and PPRE students).
You also need your Uni login (your student ID number and password, the same you use for your StudIP and Uni mail adress). If, for some reason, you have no account, contact the IT Dienste.



Number: 20
Processors: Intel Core i7-8700
Clock speed: 6 x 3,2 GHz
Hard Disk: SSD
Drive: DVD-ROM
Inputs: USB 3.0

Further equipment:

  • Monitors:
    20 x Dell U2412MC with 24-inch TFT display.
  • Teaching media:
    1 x Legamaster e-Board Touch
    (Can be used as a projector as well as a whiteboard)

Operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux V. 7
  • Windows 10 (64 Bit)

The operating system can be selected during the boot process


How to use the computer-room - general hints:

  • You can choose the desired operating system (Windows or Linux) when starting the computer.
  • You are responsible for your data! Safe early, safe often!
  • Do not leave important work on the local harddisks.
  • Make your own backups using USB drives, DVD-writer or the university cloudstorage.
  • Do not forget anything in the room when you leave (paper, pencils, CDs, waste...).
  • Mind the usage policies!

Usage policies

Mind the following rules:

  • Please leave the room as you would expect to find it...clean!
  • If you are the last user to leave the room, please close any windows that might be open.
  • Please do not use/store software or files with racist, sexist or criminal contents on the computers. Violations of this rule will be investigated!
  • Please check the disks/USB drives you bring for viruses.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire Uni, which the CIP room is a part of.
  • Please turn off the computer after using it and leaving the room.
  • Please mind the hours of business.
  • Please behave calmly in the CIP. A normal conversation volume is appropriate!
  • Admittance is granted only to students of the Institute of Physics.
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