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Projects Funded in 2021

The first round of calls for proposals for the new funding programme generated an encouragingly high level of interest. The following applications were approved at the jury meeting in September 2021:

Measure/Event: Online symposium „Chronic Pain: The Role of Neural Plasticity and Central Sensitization”
Applicant: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Peter Sörös
Focus Area: Healthy Ageing for a Healthy Society

Measure/Event: Project „Border Crossers in the Northwest”
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind, Prof. Dr. Raingard Esser
Focus Area: German and Dutch Language, Linguistics, and History

Measure/Event: Kick-off workshop on the topic „Northeast Meets Northwest - Local Cultural and Creative Industries in the Groningen Region and the Northwest Region of Germany in Master's Programmes at RUG and UOL”
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer, Prof. Dr. Petra Löffler
Focus Area: Knowledge Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Public Engagement

Measure/Event: Workshops „Popular Culture and Democracy”
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Marion Dunkel, Reinhard Kopanski M.A.
Focus Area: Application outside the focus areas of the “Roadmap”

Measure/Event: Conference „Small languages, big ideas: the smaller Germanic languages from a theoretical, general and comparative perspective”
Applicant: Ankelien Schippers
Focus Area: German and Dutch Language, Linguistics, and History

Measure/Event: Preparatory meeting for the INTERREG VI project: „Towards INTERREG VI: Funding Opportunities to Tackle Health Challenges in the Northern Dutch-German Border Region.“
Applicant: Dr. Adriana Pérez Fortis
Focus Area: Healthy Ageing for a Healthy Society

Measure/Event: Workshop on the topic „Climate Litigation“
Applicant: Prof. Dr. Peter Rott
Focus Area: Governance, Law and Politics for a Sustainable Society

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