For sponsors:

Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck
Vice President for Instruction and International Affairs

For students:

Donation form

Donation form

A small explanation of terms on the donation form should enable you to fill out the form effortlessly and quickly and answer as many questions as possible.

Type of funding:

  • (Professionally) unrestricted (fachlich ungebunden): If you donate unrestricted funds, the scholarships you donate will go to the best-placed students at our university, regardless of subject, school, age or other criteria.
  • Subject-related: If you support a specific subject, the scholarships you donate will go to the best-placed students of individual schools, subjects, degrees (state examination, Bachelor's, Master's, Master of Education), etc.
  • Other specifications (andere Fachbindung): However, you can also specify that you would like to sponsor, for example, students with children, people from certain regions or so-called first-time academics (students whose parents do not have a university degree).

Scholarship fund or full scholarships:

  • The scholarship fund is a collection point for donations below 1,800 €. Smaller contributions are collected in this fund until the funds are sufficient for a full scholarship of 1,800 €. The scholarships obtained in this way are awarded unrestrictedly.
  • A full scholarship costs private sponsors € 1,800. For each full scholarship, our education sponsors can decide whether they would like to award it in a restricted or unrestricted manner. If you donate several full scholarships at once, you are welcome to indicate a number of faculties or subjects in the free-text field 'Other subject tie'.

If you have any unanswered questions, please contact the Scholarship Servicepoint. We will be happy to support you by phone, e-mail or on site.

Donation Form (on the german homepage)

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