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The Presidenc of the University of Oldenburg extends a special thank you to its sponsors.

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Funding Education | Fostering talent

Promoting talented young individuals, strengthening the north-west region, investing in the future, or giving something back — there are many good reasons for becoming a private sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium.

Making a Difference

Each scholarship is funded by a private sponsor and the Federal Government. A scholarship costs sponsors € 1,800 for one year and this contribution is matched by the Federal Government, meaning scholarship holders receive € 300 a month.

Think about it: every euro you invest is matched by the government. You can be a part of determining which regions, sectors and research areas benefit from federal education funds. It is your call.

Taking the Initiative

Compared to other leading economic nations, private education funding in Germany is still in its infancy. Set a new trend by investing in your region and enabling young people to make a difference in the world.

The University of Oldenburg educates outstanding students in each of its disciplines. Many of them will go on to make significant contributions to research, society, industry, politics and culture. A particularly large number of our students are preparing to become teacher, hoping to raise the next generation and pass on the knowledge they have received in Oldenburg.

Investing in education means investing in the future.

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