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Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck
Vice President for Instruction and International Affairs

For students:

Our sponsors

The Presidential Board and the students of the University of Oldenburg would like to express their special thanks to our sponsors.

Sponsers 2021



Find talents | Foster talents

Supporting young talented people, strengthening the Northwest region, investing in your own future or giving something back from the support you have experienced yourself - there are many good reasons to participate in the Deutschlandstipendium as a private sponsor.

Calling the shots

Each scholarship is jointly funded by you and the federal government through the principle of 'matching funds'. A full scholarship for one year costs 1,800 euros. Partial donations are possible from as little as 10 euros. The federal government doubles the amounts - so scholarship holders are supported with 300 euros per month.

Remember: for every euro you invest, the Federal Government adds one. In this way, you help determine which regions of the country, sectors and research areas benefit from the federal government's education funds. This is a great opportunity.

Take the initiative

Compared to other leading economic nations, private education funding still plays a minor role in Germany. Set a new trend by investing in your region and empowering our young talents to change the world.

The University of Oldenburg educates outstanding students in all its disciplines. Many of them will go on to make significant contributions in research, social affairs, industry, politics and culture. A particularly large number of our students are also preparing to become teachers, so that they can pass on the knowledge they have learned in Oldenburg to the next generation.

Promoting education means promoting the future. Become active!

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