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To register for the modules in be.INSTEP, please go to StudIP. You will find our modules in the area of specialization, außerschulisch, Säule "Überfachliche Professionalisierung".


Are you already a language tutor at a school?

Language Support for International Students - Deutsch PLUS

Language tutors for international students wanted

We are looking for students from all departments who enjoy helping international students learn German at the Language Centre at Oldenburg University.

What does a language tutor do?

International applicants have the opportunity to prepare themselves linguistically and professionally for studies in Germany within 2 semesters. In order to support the international students' acquisition of German and their integration into everyday university life, students are trained as language tutors as part of the module.

The students receive intensive preparation for their work as tutors and an introduction to teaching German as a foreign language. The preparatory seminar takes place before the start of the semester.

During the semester, the trained students are deployed in the form of tutorials that are connected to the preparatory German courses and are carried out under the guidance of the course instructors.

Who do the language tutors support?

Applicants who do not yet have an official language certificate at the C1 level have the opportunity to attend German language courses to prepare them for their studies. These courses take place daily in the mornings during the semester and provide intensive preparation for studies and the German language test for university admission.

There are three different study preparation courses:

Examination Course B1 Examination Course B2 Examination Course C1.

All courses take place during regular semester times, Mondays to Fridays from 08 - 12.

Preparatory German courses

How does the module work?

The module takes place in two phases:

1. content preparation

In a block seminar (before the beginning of the semester), basic topics on working as a tutor and teaching German as a foreign language are developed.

Topics such as:

  • my role as a tutor
  • Intercultural competence
  • methodology and didactics of teaching German as a foreign language
  • Skills in teaching German as a foreign language
  • DaF textbooks at the Language Centre of the University of Oldenburg
  • grammar and grammar teaching
  • Error and mistake correction
  • etc.


2. implementation of the tutorial

In cooperation with the responsible teachers, the accompanying tutorials (2 SWS) will be carried out independently. Teams will be formed which will take over a tutorial together. The tutors are constantly accompanied and advised by the teachers.

What examinations do I have to take?

In order to successfully complete the module, you must complete two portfolio achievements:

Portfolio performance

  • Grammar presentation during theoretical preparation (50%)
  • Graded class attendance in the tutorial (50%)

How can I participate?

Simply register for the relevant module on StudIP. Places are limited, but we offer the modules in the winter and summer semesters.

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