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To register for the modules in be.INSTEP, please go to StudIP. You will find our modules in the area of specialization, außerschulisch, Säule "Überfachliche Professionalisierung".


More about the International Study Entry Phase INSTEP

Area of specialization program "be.INSTEP"

INSTEP - International Study Entry Phase - is a program to improve the study entry phase of international students. With be.INSTEP, you can be a part of it and have the opportunity to accompany international students during the preparation for their studies or during their first semesters and thus support them in their arrival at our university. If you also take two basic modules in the area of language and thus deal with the topic of language - and what learning a new language entails - you will then receive a certificate of participation in the area of specialization.

You can attend the following modules within the framework of be.INSTEP.

1a) pb388 - Language Support for International Students - Deutsch PLUS (6 KP)
1b) pb389 - Intercultural Support for International Students - Orientation PLUS (6 credits)

2) pb101 - Basic Module 1 (6 CP) 3) pb102 - Basic Module 2 (6 CP)

In total, you can acquire 18 KP in the area of specialization of your degree programme (außerschulisch).

What are the contents of the program?

Language Support for International Students - Deutsch PLUS

In language support, you will hold your own tutorials after a thematic introduction. In the tutorials, you support international students in learning German. In this way, you can get involved with internationals, get to know people and gain your first teaching experience.

Deutsch PLUS

Intercultural guidance for international students - Orientation PLUS

Get training to become an intercultural facilitator! In this way, you make a meaningful contribution to the acculturation process of your international fellow students.

In so-called cheer-up meetings, which you organize and conduct independently in teams of two with a fixed group of internationals during the semester, you will offer the participants a safe space for mutual exchange and motivation and convey relevant content on diversity and interculturality.

Orientation PLUS


For a certificate you still need two modules "Language". Here you can choose from all languages from the modules pb101 and pb102. We recommend that you take two consecutive modules in the same language, but you don't have to. Please note, however, that you must take a placement test for Basic Module II or have taken the previous course. You can find a current list of all language courses on StudIP.

Who can participate in the specialization program?

Students of all subjects and all semesters who want to get in touch with international students and support them in their first semesters can take part. In order to participate in our modules, you should have a good knowledge of German at least at level B2/ C1.

Who am I accompanying?

1. International prospective students have the opportunity to prepare themselves linguistically and professionally for their studies in Germany within a maximum of 3 semesters. In this context, the international students attend preparatory German courses. To support the international students' acquisition of German, we offer tutorials to accompany the language courses. These tutorials are conducted by students from our module "Language Support for International Students - Deutsch PLUS".

2. International students who start their studies at the University of Oldenburg are supported within the framework of "Orientation PLUS". For this purpose, students who participate in the module "Intercultural Support - Orientation PLUS" are assigned one or more internationals who accompany them during their first semester.


How can I participate?

Simply register for the relevant module on StudIP. Places are limited, but we offer the modules in the winter and summer semesters.

What are the advantages of participating in be.INSTEP?

With the certificate you receive proof that you have dealt with intercultural aspects. It shows that you are committed to internationals and that you have dealt with the topic of language acquisition by acquiring your own language skills.

In the extracurricular area, you can have the credits credited to you in the area of specialization. But you can also benefit from participating as a student teacher. By taking part in the program, you will acquire intercultural skills and can gain your first teaching experience with non-native speakers in Deutsch PLUS.

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