Create Consent Form

If personal data is to be processed on the legal basis of consent, the person responsible must be able to prove this consent.

Therefore, it is always advisable to put a declaration of consent in writing and present it to the person giving consent for signature.

Please note:

In a declaration of consent, the person giving consent should be informed clearly and comprehensibly about the data processing. This should be done in simple language and in a comprehensible manner.

It is therefore a good idea to explain in the participant information which purpose is being pursued with the data processing and how the data will be collected and further processed.

In this way, the person giving consent can already get a good idea of what he or she will be consenting to in the participant information. In the declaration of consent, you only need to refer back to the participant information regarding the purpose and the specific procedure.

You should not separate the declaration of consent from the participant information. It is better and clearer if the consent form and the participant information form one unit . It should be avoided to hand out a participant information, a privacy statement and a consent form separately. It is better to combine all information and declarations into one document.

This way you maintain the principle of transparency, and misunderstandings and unnecessary bureaucratisation are avoided.

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