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Christoph Wilken (Consultant)

Thorsten Kamp (Officer, Deputy Information Security Officer)

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Stabsstelle Datenschutz- und Informationssicherheitsmanagement
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Guideline: Procedure Description

If you need background information on the legal data protection regulations or individual terms in order to process the samples, you can find a brief summary of this on the page Working in compliance with data protection law or in detail under Data protection basics.

Please note the following instructions for processing the samples:

  • The "Date of last amendment" only needs to be specified if a procedure description has already been submitted once. This does not mean the last change to the document, but the last change to the processing activity.
  • The Presidential Board of the University of Oldenburg cannot be the sole point of contact for data subjects. Therefore, please indicate in the declarations who the contact person/process owner is. This is usually the person who is in charge of the project or similar for which the data is to be processed.
  • If a joint responsibility the contact details of the other controller and - if one has been appointed - also the contact details of the data protection officer of the other controller.
  • For the legal basis In the case of the performance of public tasks (in particular also in the case of research) in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. e GDPR, you should also state the corresponding state law standards. Section 3 NDSG should also always be stated, followed by the specific legal basis. For example: Art. 6 para. 1 lit. e GDPR in conjunction with § 3 NDSG. § Section 3 NDSG in conjunction with. § Section 17 (2) NHG (processing of personal data of members and affiliates of a university in Lower Saxony).
  • The second half of the document (technical and organisational measures pursuant to Art. 32 para. 1 GD PR) reflects your data protection concept.
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