Dr. Philipp Poppitz

Philipp Poppitz graduated in Economics and Sociology. He currently writes a thesis under the title „Neglected Dimension of Inequality". His research focuses on multidimensionality and the perception of inequality as well as the relation between macroeconomic development and inequality.


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Poppitz, Philipp. 2019. “Can Subjective Data Improve the Measurement of Inequality? A Multidimensional Index of Economic Inequality.” Social Indicators Research.

Poppitz, Philipp. „Multidimensional Inequality and Divergence: The Eurozone Crisis in Retrospect“. Oldenburg Discussion Papers in Economics. University of Oldenburg, 2019.

Poppitz, Philipp. „Can Subjective Data Improve Inequality Measurement? A Multidimensional Index of Economic Inequality“. ECINEQ Working Paper 446. ECINEQ, Society for the Study of Economic Inequality, 2017.

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Menz, Jan-Oliver, und Philipp Poppitz. „Households’ disagreement on inflation expectations and socioeconomic media exposure in Germany“. Discussion Paper. Deutsche Bundesbank, Research Centre, 2013.

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Poppitz, Philipp. „Wissenschaft reloaded. Die Exzellenzinitiative als Symptom des Modus 2“. 360° – Das studentische Journal für Politik und Gesellschaft 5, Nr. 2 (17. November 2010): 54–60.  doi: 10.3224/360grad.v5i2.23382.



since 2017:

Research assistant at the chair for international economics, University of Oldenburg

2014 - 2017:

Research assistant at the Institute for Macroeconomic Policy (IMK), Düsseldorf

2009 - 2013:

M.A. for economic and sociological studies, University of Hamburg

2006 - 2009:

B.A. in socioeconomics, University of Hamburg

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