Practical Projects

The practice projects under the departments responsibility are essentially oriented towards the guiding concept of diversity as described in the self-understanding of Social Pedagogy in Oldenburg, as well as the cate gories of social inclusion, social heterogeneity and lifelong learning, which have played a decisive role in the profile formation of Faculty I (Education and Educational Sciences).

In contrast to qualitative, quantitative and theoretical or literature-based research projects, the practice projects are characterised by an action-oriented perspective. The focus here is primarily on questions of an appropriate professional approach to social, legal, cultural and linguistic heterogeneity as well as appropriate professional support or accompaniment of everyday processes, especially in disadvantaged, precarious or discriminatory living conditions.

The aim is to develop approaches, concepts and, ideally, practice-oriented offers that show appropriate answers to questions in such contexts. In this context, both individual conditions (subjective side of all participants) and structural and institutional framework conditions (societal side) must be taken into account. Practical projects are characterised by permanent reflection on experiences of one's own actions in planning and implementation as well as by systematic evaluation processes.

The current projects of the department are partly in the tradition of counselling and qualification offers that have already been successfully carried out for many years under the responsibility of the Institute for Pedagogy and the Centre for Migration, Education and Cultural Studies (CMC). These include, above all, further education offers that are specifically aimed at migrants and refugees with the goal of improving their chances of participation, but always also pursue the idea of networking and dissemination. In addition, the focus is on current projects that address significant (social) pedagogical issues and are mostly implemented with cooperation partners from the local or regional practical context. Similar to other research projects, the practice projects are largely financed by third-party funding.

Ongoing project:

Contact studies

"Recognition and Pedagogical Competence in the Migration Society".

This further education project is aimed at migrants and refugees who have already completed or partially completed training or studies in their countries of origin. The contact study serves to deepen and expand the qualifications already acquired. The programme was first conceived in 2004 and has since been carried out and further developed regularly in project form. The seminars are held in cooperation with educational institutions in Bremen, Hanover and Frankfurt/Main as well as the Goethe University in Frankfurt. In addition, there is a structural project focus on dissemination, cooperation and networking throughout Germany. The current project duration is limited to 30 June 2022 and is financially supported by funds from the European Union via the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Ministry of Science and Social Affairs of the State of Lower Saxony.

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