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Service for international researchers

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Our team of tutors for international doctoral candidates offers help and support with all general questions and about life in Oldenburg. The tutor team can be reached at


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Employment at the university

There are certain labour regulations that should be noted when coming to Oldenburg for a research stay or for teaching purposes.

Employment regulations

Depending on the purpose of your stay at Oldenburg University (research or employment) and on your citizenship, regulations concerning the pursuit of employment may differ. Further information can be found here.

Employment contract

If you come to Oldenburg not as a scholarship/fellowship holder but as an employee, you must sign your employment contract prior to starting work. Oldenburg University's Division 1: Personnel and Organisation will inform you about the forms and documents you need to complete and submit.

In Germany, many professors are civil servants (Beamte) and appointed to their positions (in German: Berufung). Salaries for civil servants are stipulated in the Federal Civil Servants' Remuneration Act (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) and by regulations issued by the federal state in which you work. The pay regulation "W" (Wissenschaft) applies to professors, whereas academic and administrative staff are paid according to the "TV-L", the collective bargaining agreement for the public service of the federal states (Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst der Länder). The collective bargaining agreement inlcudes several pay groups (Entgeltgruppen) and pay grades (Entgeltstufen) that are based on the level of education and professional qualifications required for the respective position and job, as well as on the years of employment in that position.

Division 1: Personnel and Organisation

Information on the collective bargaining agreement for the public service of the federal states (TV-L) and on the pay groups and pay grades can be found at:

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