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Our team of tutors for international doctoral candidates offers help and support with all general questions and about life in Oldenburg. The tutor team can be reached at

Travelling to Oldenburg

Travelling to Oldenburg

Please inform your contact person at the faculty level about your flight schedule and time of arrival

Please note that in order to validate tickets purchased at ticket machines, they need to be stamped. At train stations, ticket stamping machines are located near the ticket machines as these train tickets need to be stamped prior to getting on the train. Tickets for buses or trams need to be stamped on board the bus or tram. If you purchase a ticket on board a bus or tram, however, it is already validated and stamping is not required.

Arrival at Bremen Airport

The nearest international airport is City Airport Bremen, 50 kilometres east of Oldenburg.

You can take line 6 of the tram service BSAG, Bremer Straßenbahn AG, the local tram and bus service. The station is opposite the airport's entrance hall. This tramline goes directly from Bremen Airport (Bremen Flughafen) to Bremen Central Station (Bremen Hauptbahnhof) and takes about 20 minutes. Schedules are available at the station or online at BSAG. Tickets to Oldenburg can be purchased at automatic ticket machines operated by BSAG and located 1. at the airport (exit), 2. at the tram station or 3. on the trams. There are different fare zones and fares between Bremen and Lower Saxony (Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen, or VBN for short). Please select fare "F" (or fare zone 740), which costs EUR 9.10 (as of 2020) for a ticket that is valid on trams to Bremen Central Station, on trains to Oldenburg, and on buses in Oldenburg! All ticket machines operate in several languages. Please note that on the tram there are two different ticket machines, one for cash payment and one for owners of a local pay-as-you-go card called BOB-Ticket. You will have to pay cash!

Going to Oldenburg

Trains from Bremen to Oldenburg leave several times an hour. For fares and train schedules, please visit Please note that both Nordwestbahn (NWB) and Deutsche Bahn (DB) have trains going from Bremen to Oldenburg. The connections of the Nordwestbahn go to Bad Zwischenahn. Trains of Deutsche Bahn (both RegionalExpress/RE and InterCity/IC) go to Norddeich Mole.

Additionally, there is Luftibus" shuttle service between Bremen Airport and Oldenburg.

Arrival at other airports in Germany

If you arrive at another airport in Lower Saxony (including Hamburg), you may purchase a Niedersachsenticket, a ticket valid only in Lower Saxony, from Deutsche Bahn. This ticket will be valid on trains to and on buses in Oldenburg.

If you arrive at any other German airport, you need a train ticket from the airport to Oldenburg from Deutsche Bahn. You can add a second "city mobil" ticket to your regular train ticket that is also valid on the bus in Oldenburg. This will save you valuable time as you no longer have to figure out which ticket you need for public transport at your destination. You can choose between adult single fare (Einzelfahrkarte für Erwachsene) for a single journey in Oldenburg, or adult day ticket (Tageskarte für Erwachsene) for any number of journeys on the day of your arrival in Oldenburg. If you buy a regular train ticket for several persons, the additional city mobil ticket will automatically be valid for two persons as well.

Public transport in Oldenburg

Within Oldenburg, VWG (Verkehr und Wasser GmbH) operates several bus routes, including three routes between Central Station and Oldenburg University (306, 310, and 324). Please note that the website of VWG is available in German only.

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