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Milica Vlajkovic

Team Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Hochschuldidaktik)

Film: A Short History of Research-Based Learning

Research-based Learning

Research-based learning at the University of Oldenburg

Research-based learning is one of the highlights of teaching at the University of Oldenburg. Learning objectives inherent in research-based learning serve as a guideline for developing various degree programmes, modules and individual courses. 

What characterises research-based learning?

Research-based teaching and learning is a constructivist-based approach to learning in which students learn through research. Instructors support this process by teaching in a way that does not present topics as closed, but rather opens them up for students to research. Instructors and students shape the learning process together.

Research-based learning...

  • encourages a high level of student participation
  • ties in students' interest in topics
  • enables collaborative learning
  • promotes the ability to independently develop problem-solving strategies necessary for both research activities and professional practice
  • promotes critical academic thinking through participating in the process of knowledge creation

Research-based learning process

The research-based learning approach is based on the idea that academic education consists of thinking beyond the curriculum and competences set therein, of questioning established knowledge and becoming active in the academic pursuits by developing an inquiring mind. When students learn through researching, they go through the typical stages of an open-ended research process, developing thus their academic and professional competences and expanding their knowledge independently. These stages include:

Developing a research question

Literature-based contextualisation within current research

Choosing a well-grounded theoretical approach and a research method

Conducting a methodological investigation or observation of a phenomenon

Evaluating and interpreting research data

Formulating and presenting results and critically reflecting on them

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education team offers consultations and inspiration for your teaching

The workshops offered by the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education team provide the opportunity to plan and discuss your course design. Participants can also get inspiration and tips on how to structure research-based learning in discussion with other instructors and the team of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Instructors can also arrange consultations with our team at any time if they have questions or would like to discuss their course design and receive suggestions. Consultations are also available in English.

If you have any questions about research-based learning, feel free to get in touch with us! In English or in German!

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