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Overview INSTEP

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International Study Entry Phase

INSTEP is a program for incoming and prospective international students at the University of Oldenburg. It provides assistance in preparing international students for their studies and during their first semesters in Oldenburg.

Aimed at international applicants, prospective students, and current international students, INSTEP offers a variety of workshops and preparatory courses. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate with a list of courses attended.

INSTEP pursues the following goals:

  • Recruitment, admission and retention of international students in Oldenburg as a place of study
  • Seamless transition for international students from the study preparation — upon successful completion of the DSH exam (German language examination for university entrance) — to their respective degree programs. 
  • Increasing international students’ academic success in degree programs both in German and English
  • Strengthening networks and exchange of information related to international students’ experiences among schools and departments, in order to determine needs, make existing subject-specific offers transparent and, if necessary, establish additional services.
  • Expanding activities related to the program "Internationalization@home"

INSTEP offers

Language acquisition

in intensive, preparatory German courses (from level B1) or in German or English courses during the semester.

Courses on academic methods

Workshops and seminars on research methods and academic writing.


Subject-specific preparation

Bridging and preparatory courses, subject-specific advisory services, buddy programs offered by the student association.



on topics such as developing academic and intercultural skills.  


Assistance and support

General academic assistance, orientation, advice on topics such as housing, finances, starting your degree program and much more.


Mentoring assistance for international students

Language mentoring during study preparation (Deutsch PLUS) and intercultural support during the degree program (Orientierung PLUS). Affiliated with the be.INSTEP specialization program (Professionalisierungsprogramm) for students at the University of Oldenburg.


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