forschen@studium (research@curriculum) is a program for promoting and supporting activities related to research-based learning at the University of Oldenburg. This includes the funding program Forschendes Lernen (Research-Based Learning) with grants for instructional and student research projects on an interdiciplinary topic that changes every year. Funding for participation at conferences or material costs for implementing student projects is also availabe.

forschen@studium also provides support for publishing student research, for example in the online journal forsch!.

At the University of Oldenburg, our main goal is to intertwine research and teaching very closely. This aim features in the teaching mission statement, which makes research-based learning an important aspect of academic education.

Further information on the understanding of research-based learning can be found in the whitepaper "Research-based teaching and learning at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg" and in the university development plan (both available only in German).

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