Dr. Susanne Haberstroh
Research-Based Learning Spokesperson
Tel: +49-441-798-4073

Team forschen@studium

With the forschen@studium(German for 'reserach@curriculum') teaching approach, the University of Oldenburg strives to strengthen the ties between teaching and learning for students and instructors. In addition to providing evaluation, assessment, teaching resources and organizing special courses, the core mission of this approach to enable students to get actively involved in research.

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Teaching Approach forschen@studium

Research and teaching are cornerstones of every university. At the University of Oldenburg, we strive to intertwine these two very closely. This is addressed in the University's teaching mission statement, which highlights research-based learning as one of the key features of academic education. The teaching approach forschen@studium pursues this goal by giving students a chance to become active and independent researchers.

Academic education involves questioning and thinking beyond the course contents. It requires being active and shaping the research process from the very beginning. Research-based teaching and learning seeks to promote and further develop this particular form of teaching and learning that is rooted in the European university tradition.

The teaching approach forschen@studium is implemented and developed by our faculty and instructors, who give their students the chance to take on an active role in research. The initiative is supported through the FLiF+ project – Research-Based Learning in Focus Plus (German: Forschungbasiertes Lernen im Fokus Plus) financed by the Quality Pact for Teaching, as well as through the university’s own FoL+ project – Research-Oriented Teaching Plus (German: Forschungsorientierte Lehre plus).

For closer information on the teaching approach forschen@studium, take a look at the whitepaper Research-Based Teaching and Learning at the University of Oldenburg (Grundlagenpapier, in German) and the the university’s strategic plan (German: Hochschulentwicklungsplan).

(Changed: 2021-04-30)