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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

COVID-19: Information on tools for online teaching

Due to the current situation regarding the spread of the Corona virus, all courses and meetings at the university have been cancelled at least up to April, 20. Moreover, teachers are asked to prepare options for online teaching from April, 20 through May, 24.

Therefore we prepared a short overview of tools that the University of Oldenburg faculty, staff and students can use to communicate and collaborate online.

Link: Information on possibilites for online teaching


Our team at Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Hochschuldidaktik) is committed to promoting excellence in teaching at the University of Oldenburg. We provide support to faculty members and all instructors in their teaching endeavors and offer a variety of resources that help enhance learning experience — both for instructors and students. The university’s teaching culture encourages learning-centered and research-based approaches that are aligned with the paradigm shift from “teaching” to “learning.” 

The team at Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is part of the Presidential Department for Study Affairs and reports to the Vice President for Instruction and International Affairs .

Please refer to our calendar for our current offerings and events (in German). The standard language of our workshops is German. However, most of our services and workshops are available in English upon request. Please contact us at for further information.

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