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University of Oldenburg School V - School of Mathematics and Science Institute of Mathematics Ammerländer Heerstraße 114 - 118 26129 Oldenburg (Oldb)

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Diplom, State Examination and doctoral theses


  • The Structure of Endomorphism Monoids of Strong Semilattices of Left Simple Semigroups (Dissertation)
  • Algebraic Structure of Endomorphism Monoids of Finite Graphs (Dissertation)


  • Crossing number results on completely regular embeddings
  • Archimedian graphs
  • Injectivities of S-acts and S-poacts (Dissertation)
  • On transitive Cayley graphs of strong semilattices of completely simple semigroups (Dissertation)


  • Rees Matrix Semigroups with Transitive Cayley Graphs
  • Almost all graphs are rigid
  • The Structure of graph homomorphisms


  • Characterisation Of Clifford Semigroup Digraphs


  • Endo properties of graphs
  • Games on Graphs (State Examination Thesis)
  • Groupoids and Cayley graphs


  • On completely regular graphs on surfaces of higher genus


  • Spectra and endomorphism monoids of special graphs
  • Application of Schur Rings in Algebraic Combinations (Dissertation)
  • On total colouring of graphs


  • Homological Classification of Monoids by Projectivities of Right Acts (Dissertation)
  • A Max-Plus Algebra and Timetable Modelling and Simulation of Bus and Train Timetables


  • Properties of Fuzzy Acts


  • Automorphism groups of cospectral graphs
  • Monoids of graphs with at most 8 vertices and 16 endomorphisms
  • Functors on graphs


  • Use of theorem provers using the example of graph theory
  • Representations of Petri nets and semigroups (Habilschrift)


  • Graphs of injective and projective S-acts
  • Edge morphisms of graphs and hypergraphs (state examination thesis)


  • The structure of the Endomorphism Monoid of a graph (Dissertation)
  • Continuity of ordered sets
  • Monoid-preserving graph construction


  • Endomorphisms of coproducts of finite graphs
  • Unretractivity of box and cross products
  • Category of hypergraphs (state examination thesis)


  • Algebraic properties of the isotone wreath product of ordered semigroups


  • Relations between simple, regular and truncatable semigroups


  • Homorphisms and congruences of graphs
  • On the endomorphism monoid of the lexicographic product of finite graphs (dissertation)
  • Regularity properties of endomorphism monoids of bipartite graphs (state examination thesis)


  • Act regularity and actinversity of special semigroups
  • Eigenvalues and paths in graphs
  • Wreath products of monoids, groups and graphs
  • Unretractivities of graphs without loops
  • Condorcet, Simpson and Weber solutions on graphs; their existence and correspondence (dissertation)
  • Plurality solutions on graphs and injective metric spaces (dissertation)


  • Endomorphism monoids of graphs and distributive laws for compositions of graphs
  • Categorical constructions and endomorphism monoids of graphs


  • Strong endomorphisms and compositions of graphs
  • Algebraic properties of the zero wreath product of monoids
  • Algebraic properties of the zero wreath product of monoids and acts
  • Isometric subgraphs of Hamming graphs (Dissertation)


  • Optimal locations and voting paradoxes on graphs (group work)


  • Block diagonalisability of adjacency matrices (state examination thesis)
  • Eigenvalues in semirings (group work)
  • Semigroups of graphs (group work)
  • Vector space graphs and generalisations


  • The matching polynomial and operations of graphs
  • Relations between the automorphism group and the spectrum of a graph
  • Graphs whose adjacency matrices are not derogatory (group work)
  • Mathematical models for the description of real problems using the example of an automatic packaging system (state examination thesis)
  • Planarity for hypergraphs


  • Mathematical modelling of a work path problem (state examination thesis)
  • Generalisations of colourings and chromatic polynomials of graphs and hypergraphs
  • Intersection graphs of finite Abelian groups (state examination thesis)
  • Mathematical modelling of traffic light circuits (group work)


  • Graph operations and spectra
  • Regular semigroups of residuated mappings (group thesis)


  • On the representation of matroids
  • Finite fields, representations and applications (state examination thesis)
  • Linear factorisation of algebraic terms (state examination thesis, secondary school)
  • Elementary equations and polynomial rings (state examination thesis)
  • Intersection graphs
  • Theoretical and application-oriented problems in connection with Euler paths


  • The problem of parallels (group work, state examination paper for secondary school)
  • Eigenvalues of graphs - The importance of eigenvalues for the stability behaviour of directed graphs under the influence of pulse processes (group work, state examination thesis)
  • Polynomials and graphs (group work, state examination thesis)


  • Groups in Graph Theory (State Examination Thesis)


  • Cycles and co-cycles in hypergraphs (Bielefeld)
  • Dynamic programming and shortest paths in graphs (State examination thesis, Bielefeld)
  • Graph-theoretical methods for the determination of cliques in sociometric data (State examination thesis, Bielefeld)


  • Introduction to graph theory as a tool for solving mathematisation problems (State examination thesis, Bielefeld)
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