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Physics, Engineering and Medicine

Physics, Engineering and Medicine

"Physics, Engineering and Medicine":
Study with the winners of the German Future Prize

The University of Oldenburg offers a new, interdisciplinary Bachelor's and Master's degree programme starting winter semester 2017/2018. The programme aims to train students with an interest in technology and natural science who see their future career in the areas of medicine and medical technology.

The programme was designed by the winner of the German Future Prize, the physicist and physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier, together with Privatdozent Dr. Stefan Uppenkamp and Physicist Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann – also winner of the German Future Prize – in cooperation with other Oldenburg physicists, engineers, physicians, psychologists and neurobiologists. "Physics, Engineering and Medicine", or PTM ("Physik, Technik und Medizin") for short, provides an alternative to the classic physics or medicine degrees.

For those who find physics on its own too dry but for whom medicine doesn't go into enough scientific and technological detail, the PTM degree is the perfect choice.

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