Adiabatic Nanofocusing

Adiabatic nanofocusing: spectroscopy of energy transfer processes with ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution

Principal Investigator: Petra Groß
Collaboration: Manuela Schiek, Christoph Lienau, Gunther Wittstock

Within this project we aim to observe light-induced energy transfer processes in solar cell materials with high spatial and spectral resolution. Such processes take place on nanometer length scales and femtosecond time scales in a number of functional nanostructures, but are mostly not yet fully understood. The direct, spatio-temporally resolved observation of the optical excitation of these nanostructures is thus a key enabling technique to explain the dynamics. Recently, a novel scanning near-field microscope could be demonstrated [1,2], which was shown to provide a spatial resolution of 10 nm and a temporal resolution of 10 fs [3]. Within this project, we will employ this novel, unique microscope to study energy transfer processes. As a first demonstration, we will visualize the energy- and charge transfer processes in single semiconductor-metal hybrid nanostructures. Specifically, we are interested in the strong coupling between excitons and plasmons; similar strong coupling was recently demonstrated in ensemble experiments and could be a key to the spatial transport of excitation over mesoscopic distances [4].  At the same time we will study new materials, which are currently under investigation as materials for organic solar cells, like polymer-fullerene hybrid structures (P3HT/PCBM, PPV/PCBM etc.). From optical experiments with high spatial resolution we expect to gain new information about the influence of the polymer/fullerene interface on the dynamics and the efficiency of light-induced electron transfer reactions.

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