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Excellence Strategy Research Top News

Highly relevant research

During visits to the university, the Minister of Science in Lower Saxony, Falko Mohrs, learned about the three Clusters of Excellence initiatives and…

Robot arm places battery pack on a conveyor belt.
Research Top News Computing Science

Improving battery production

Digital models of battery factories could help increase the production of lithium-ion batteries in Europe significantly in the coming years. Computer…

Portrait photo of sociology professor Gundula Zoch.
Research Top News Social Sciences

Equal care – why is there so little change?

Despite family policy reforms, mothers still do more unpaid family work than fathers. Sociology professor Gundula Zoch explains why this is the case…

Research Top News Marine Sciences

The ocean microbiome

A group of bacteria lives in close association with other organisms throughout the world's oceans. Microbiologist Meinhard Simon and his team at the…

Two ants crawl out of a hollow on a stone, the ground consists of sand and small stones.
Research Top News People Biology

A biologist with a predilection for philosophy

Biologist Pauline Fleischmann researches desert ants and astonishing navigational abilities – both in the laboratory and in their natural environment.…

A flock of starlings can be seen against the blue-yellow-coloured, wintry evening sky.
Research Top News Higher Education Policy

University of Oldenburg competes for three Clusters of Excellence

The university was successful in the preliminary decision of the excellence competition with a proposal on animal navigation. The existing clusters in…

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Research Top News Philosophy

"No time for utopias"

"Property entails obligations," according to Germany's Basic Law. Sustainability is one of these obligations, says philosopher Tilo Wesche. He…

Portrait on the campus, green trees and bicycle stands in the background.
Research Top News Computing Science

"A large part of the world's knowledge is in AI"

Artificial intelligence is currently a hot topic in the media. In this interview, computer scientist Oliver Kramer explains what programmes such as…

Close-up of a bat with outstretched wings in nature.
Research Top News Biology

Migratory bats can detect the Earth’s magnetic field

Pipistrelle bats have a magnetic compass and calibrate it at sunset, according to a new study published in the journal Biology Letters. The research…

Close-up of leaves
Research Top News Biology

How kale is affected by cold temperatures

Researchers from Oldenburg and Bremen investigated the effect of environmental factors on genetically different varieties of kale.


Fountain pen makes a cross on a piece of paper
Research Top News Higher Education Policy

Your vote for science

The election of the members of the review boards of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the 2024-2028 period is under way. The voting ends on…

The experimental setup consists of an electron spectrometer, a so-called filter wheel and light phenomena reminiscent of a fire.
Research Top News Physics

In the attosecond realm

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for breakthroughs in the field of attosecond physics. The new methods are also being used in Oldenburg…

A field with several wind turbines, ground fog and sunset.
Research Energy Research Wind Physics Top News

How wind turbines react to turbulence

The output of wind turbines can rise or fall by 50 per cent in a matter of seconds. A new stochastic method could help to mitigate these sudden swings…

A wave with a head of foam up close.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

How microplastics end up in the marine atmosphere

Tiny plastic particles can be found in the marine atmosphere even far from coasts, according to a study recently published in the journal Nature…

Underwater picture. A person in a diving suit with mask, oxygen tanks and fins knots a thick cord.
Research Campus Life Marine Sciences Study Affairs

Diving for science

For those who like the idea of combining scuba diving with science, the Scientific Diving course at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the…

Research Top News History

Pioneers in digital presentation and research of cultural heritage

How can historical objects and documents in museums and archives be preserved, interpreted without bias and made more widely accessible using digital…

A great tit sits in a knothole.
Research Top News Environmental Sciences

"Species are disappearing faster than we thought"

The local loss of species may often be underestimated. A new biodiversity study by Lucie Kuczynski and Helmut Hillebrand shows that species richness…

A wooden board covered in sand lies on the beach.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

The fate of plastic waste

Researchers in the "Macroplastics" project studied the dispersal pathways of plastic waste in the southern North Sea for four years. 63,000 wooden…

Five people in front of a meadow.
Research Top News People Chemistry International affairs

Exploring the world of disilenes

In April, Canadian scientist Kim Baines paid a visit to the Institute of Chemistry. She is a recipient of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award and…

A number of differently colored algal cells are spread across the image against a black background, some have tuftlike hairs. They are colonized by bacteria to varying degrees.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Diatoms provide an attractive habitat for bacteria

The surface of diatoms represents an astonishingly diverse habitat for bacteria. A team led by biologist Meinhard Simon has now made the preferences…

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