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Long shot of the superstructure on the roof under the starry sky, the stars can be recognised as a "line trace" due to the long exposure time
Astronomy Campus Life

Spacewatch in Wechloy

A telescope on the roof of the physics building scans the sky for newly discovered near-Earth asteroids. Using a sophisticated automated observation…

Campus Life International affairs

Researchers from around the world

The University of Oldenburg is international. Here we introduce people from all over the world who have chosen to come to Oldenburg. The following…

The picture shows Clemens Hillenbrand in conversation with the interviewer. Hillenbrand is sitting in front of a bookshelf and is gesticulating.
Top News Special Needs Education

“Children are the seismographs of society”

Oldenburg professor Clemens Hillenbrand has been training Iraqi teachers in inclusive education for many years. The special needs educationalist…

Top News History

Injustice with continuing impact

Some 12.5 million enslaved people were shipped from Africa to the Americas in the early modern period. The "Prize Papers" project visualises shipping…

Portrait Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery, Vizepräsidentin für Akademische Karrierewege, Chancengleichheit und Internationales
Top News Equal opportunities Higher Education Policy

"There is still a lot to do"

Gender equality is not yet a reality in universities. On International Women's Day, Vice President Katharina Al-Shamery talks about the change in…

The picture shows Carl von Ossietzky in a black and white photograph. He is looking pensively into the distance with his head resting on his left arm.
Jubiläum Top News Higher Education Policy

"Commitment to peace"

Who was Carl von Ossietzky? The university's namesake had long been the subject of controversy. Alexandra Otten and Werner Boldt talk about Ossietzky,…

Campus Life

"Globalisation at its best"

A group of higher education managers from around the world is currently on campus as part of the UNILEAD programme. Their aim: to learn from and with…

Portrait photo of sociology professor Gundula Zoch.
Research Top News Social Sciences

Equal care – why is there so little change?

Despite family policy reforms, mothers still do more unpaid family work than fathers. Sociology professor Gundula Zoch explains why this is the case…

University Medicine Campus Life

Learning with fellow students on another continent

Supported by the German Academic Exchange Service, teachers from Oldenburg and Bangkok (Thailand) have developed an augmented reality seminar that…

Excellence Strategy Research Top News Marine Sciences

The ocean microbiome

A group of bacteria lives in close association with other organisms throughout the world's oceans. Microbiologist Meinhard Simon and his team at the…

The picture shows a group of students playing the game "Woodbanks". The playing field is in the centre of the table, with small wooden chips on it that are moved by the players. There is also a dice on the table.
Sustainability Campus Life Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches Economics

A playful approach to dilemmas

When the dice roll in Sophie Berg and Hendrik Wolter's seminar, it' less about fun and games and more about becoming more aware of the conflicting…

A red love lock with an engraved heart hangs on a fence.
Campus Life

The key to love

"Love and enamouredness" – a topic not only on Valentine's Day. The same-titled research article by a psychologist of the university is still one of…

Two ants crawl out of a hollow on a stone, the ground consists of sand and small stones.
Excellence Strategy Research Top News People Biology

A biologist with a predilection for philosophy

Biologist Pauline Fleischmann researches desert ants and astonishing navigational abilities – both in the laboratory and in their natural environment.…

The picture shows Waleria Nichelmann in her office. There is a silver "50" in the centre of the picture. Nichelmann is smiling as she talks to the interviewer.
Jubiläum Campus Life

"Testing new ideas and formats"

Waleria Nichelmann is coordinating the “50 Years University of Oldenburg” project at the Press & Communications Office. Her job is as varied as the…

A flock of starlings can be seen against the blue-yellow-coloured, wintry evening sky.
Excellence Strategy Research Top News Higher Education Policy

University of Oldenburg competes for three Clusters of Excellence

The university was successful in the preliminary decision of the excellence competition with a proposal on animal navigation. The existing clusters in…

The picture shows Dietmar von Reeken. He is sitting in front of a bookshelf and talking to the interviewer.
Top News History

We need new forms of remembrance

On January 27, people around the world commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. In this interview, history educationalist Dietmar von Reeken talks…

Selfie on a viewing platform in front of wooded mountains, a suspension bridge can be seen to the side.
Campus Life International affairs

On a Dutch bike in Taiwan

Luisa Fischer is studying environmental sciences at the University of Oldenburg and currently spending a semester on the island of Taiwan. She’s…

The picture shows the lettering "Truth is what unites us", a quote from Karl Jaspers. It is displayed in lecture hall centre A 14.
Top News Higher Education Policy

Science needs liberal democracy and the rule of law

The Presidential Board of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg endorses the statement of the Executive Board of the German Rectors'…

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Research Top News Philosophy

"No time for utopias"

"Property entails obligations," according to Germany's Basic Law. Sustainability is one of these obligations, says philosopher Tilo Wesche. He…

Portrait on the campus, green trees and bicycle stands in the background.
Research Top News Computing Science

"A large part of the world's knowledge is in AI"

Artificial intelligence is currently a hot topic in the media. In this interview, computer scientist Oliver Kramer explains what programmes such as…

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