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C3L C3L Top News Higher Education Policy

A culture of life-long learning

Universities play a much greater role in continuing education today than they did ten years ago. Education experts Anke Hanft and Karsten Speck talk…

Man in front of the canteen with a takeaway bowl
Campus Life

Canteen in takeaway mode

The pots are steaming once more at the University canteen on Uhlhornsweg. Students and staff can pick up delicious meals there now that the…

Graphics showing the experimental setup
Top News Physics

Homing in on the smallest possible laser

An international team of researchers led by Oldenburg physicists has succeeded in generating an unusual quantum state in ultrathin semiconductor…

Covid Top News Social Sciences

Vaccination strategies: a global challenge

If citizens were to decide how limited supplies of vaccines are allocated in a pandemic, what would national and global vaccination strategies look…

International affairs Covid Top News

International despite the pandemic

Many students dream of one or two semesters abroad. In this interview Jenka Schmidt, head of the University's International Office, talks about what…

Picture of microphone array
Research Top News Medical Physics and Acoustics

Tracking down speech signals

Background noise, reverberations and acoustic feedback often hamper speech comprehension when technical devices are in use. Hearing researcher Simon…

Campus Life Physics

When light and sound interact

Physicist Martin Esman has received an Ossietzky Fellowship for his research on nanoscale phenomena. He investigates transport processes in which…

The University in Groningen.
International affairs Top News Higher Education Policy

Achieving more together

Joint outlook for the future: following the recent renewal of their cooperation agreement, the Universities of Oldenburg and Groningen have drawn up a…

[Translate to English:] man holding a presentation sheet - seen through a camera
Campus Life International affairs

Erasmus+ promotes undergraduate research

Advancing digital research among students is the goal of the new international project „A European Network for Digital Undergraduate Research“…

Study Affairs Top News

"Concepts are in place"

The summer semester has begun - again largely digitally. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to tackle studies with motivation, as Vice President…

Acropora coral
Research Marine Sciences Top News

Scientists successfully breed corals in the lab

Scientists at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) scored a success: in the aquariums in Wilhelmshaven they were…

Edge view on a wooden cube. On one side, there is an image of a cobra, on the other a sun wheel, on the third plastic models of Aztec buildings. Not to be seen is the fourth side with a vault opening.
Covid Campus Life

A box full of puzzles

In the pandemic, practical modules pose a challenge for lecturers. For the "Maker's Lab", a practical hardware-oriented course in the Computer Science…

EA young woman presents the prototype of the smart helmet: she wears virtual reality goggles and a shiny silver bicycle helmet.
Research Top News Computing Science

The power of data

Data has become one of the most important economic assets of the 21st century. Jorge Marx Gómez and a team of Oldenburg business informatics…

Portraitfoto des Chemikers Dmitry Momotenko
Research Top News Chemistry

The Batteries of the Future

Producing batteries in a completely new way is the goal of chemist Dmitry Momotenko. He has now started his research work at the university - funded…

Symbolic image: Person with stethoscope in hand.
Research Top News Health Services Research International affairs

Effective health services research beyond national borders

How do the different healthcare systems in Germany and the Netherlands affect the healthcare of individual citizens? In a new project, health…

Music Top News Health Services Research

Music is key

How does music therapy or choir singing reduce depressive symptoms and improve quality of life for dementia patients? This is the focus of a study by…

laughing person sitting
Research Top News Economics

In the service of sustainability

The imperatives of ecology and the economy are often seen as contradictory. But for Jörn Hoppmann, Professor of Management at the Department of…

three persons in front of the university
Campus Life

More counselling for employees

The University of Oldenburg is expanding its counselling services and now offers employees support and advice on both work-related and personal…

Symbolbild: Laptop auf Schreibtisch, die Hände von zwei Personen sind zu sehen sowie Stifte, Kaffeetassen, Zettel.
Top News GIZ

Top ranking in the Start-Up Radar

The University of Oldenburg is among Germany's best universities for promoting start-ups, securing fourth place in the "Large Universities" category.

Hörsaalgebäude der Universität Oldenburg
Campus Life

Senate: Academic freedom at partner university massively endangered

In a recent meeting, the Senate of Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg dealt with the alarming events at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.…

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