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Latest news on the Ukraine crisis and further information.


The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Top News Research History

Snapshots of the past

What do a French composer in present-day Haiti, a Flensburg missionary overseas and a Bremen sailor on board a ship captured in the English Channel…

Aerial view looking over the roof of the university building with statues of three river goddesses onto an autumnal park, where the statue of Ivan Franko also stands.
Ukraine Top News German Studies

„We are witness to an epochal shift“

Culture has long been seen as a unifying force among peoples. The war in Ukraine has destroyed this certainty, says Germanist Silke Pasewalck. Here,…

Close up of spider web underneath a road sign.
Top News Environmental Sciences Research Chemistry

Catching microplastics with spider webs

Flies, dust and even microplastics - spider webs capture whatever travels through the air. Researchers have now for the first time tested if they can…

A test person sits on a chair, in the foreground some technical devices (loudspeakers, projectors) can be seen, in the background a living room scene is projected on a screen.
Top News Research Medical Physics and Acoustics

Another success for Oldenburg's hearing research

Intelligent hearing aids that work even in difficult acoustic environments – that's what researchers at the university are working on in the…

Top News Research Social Sciences

A network of support

The way families live together has changed over time. A team of researchers led by Oldenburg social scientist Dr Kai Willführ is using historical data…

The photo shows an underwater shot of fish, sponges and corals in a coral reef.
Top News Environmental Sciences

"We must think nature with and not against people".

Biodiversity – the diversity of ecosystems, organisms and their interactions – is threatened as never before, despite all efforts. In this interview,…

Eine Versuchsperson liegt auf einer Liege. Eine Forscherin bereitet alles vor, damit sie gleich in die MRT-Röhre geschoben werden kann.
Top News Research Psychology

To better understand brain stimulation

How can brain stimulation, for example through electric current or medication, help people with neurological diseases? This question is at the centre…

The catamaran floats in the sea in perfect weather.
Top News Marine Sciences Research

Exploring the ocean's thin skin

The microlayer between ocean and atmosphere is at the center of a new research group led by Oldenburg scientists. Over the next four years, the team…

Campus Life Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches

Practising intercultural relations

Since 2011, the master programme EMMIR funded by the European Excellence Programme Erasmus Mundus, has been training students from all over the world.…

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Top News

Facets of freedom

Freedom is guaranteed to us as a fundamental right, but it also has limits. Scholars at our university share their thoughts in this online feature…

Photo showing people holding signs and demonstrating for the Central European University to remain in Budapest, November 2018.
Top News Higher Education Policy

Refuge and support for scholars at risk

Autocratic regimes, wars and political persecution put academics all over the world at risk. As a member of the international network Scholars at…

Man from behind, with hearing aid in ear and smartphone in hand
Top News Research Medical Physics and Acoustics

Better hearing through automatic speech recognition?

Speech recognition software is on the rise thanks to smart home systems. Researchers from Oldenburg have now taught an artificial intelligence to hear…

Top News Research Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

New computing power for future research

CARL and EDDY have ensured excellent conditions for research at the University of Oldenburg for the past five years. Now the two high-performance…

A woman stands in a lecture hall and gives a presentation.
Campus Life Early Career

Out into the world

The University Society Oldenburg provides several funding programmes, including travel grants for conferences and congresses abroad. Students and…

Top News Research Social Sciences

Research behind bars

Anna Katharina Schliehe is interested in experiences of incarceration. The human geographer has been awarded a fellowship by the prestigious Marie…

Photo of the research vessel Sonne in glassy seas.
Top News Marine Sciences

A view into the past of the Southwest Pacific Ocean

"Cast off" is the motto on board the research vessel "Sonne" this Friday. Led by Oldenburg geochemist Katharina Pahnke, an international team of…

Presidential Board Top News

Welcome to Campus

Starting into the summer semester as regular as possible with in-person classes: In his welcoming video, University president Prof. Dr Ralph Bruder…

An extract, readable only in parts, from an English-language dictionary defining the Ukrainian language.
Ukraine Top News Slavic Studies

Ukraine and Russia: really "one people"?

Gerd Hentschel, a Slavicist at the University of Oldenburg, provides insights on Ukrainian identity. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 he has…

Underwater image of a coral with numerous small fish swimming around it.
Top News Research Biology

Navigation without sextant or GPS

Fish migrations generally take place hidden from view. Researchers from the Magnetoreception Collaborative Research Centre at the University of…

Two crabs are feasting on a mussel.
Top News Marine Sciences Research

A mutually beneficial relationship

Snow-white deep-sea crabs populate the seabed near hydrothermal vents. Oldenburg microbiologist Thorsten Brinkhoff was on the track of the animals…

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