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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Fossils of several trilobites which have large spines at their side.
Top News Marine Research Marine Science

How volcanic eruptions drove severe mass extinctions

Volcanism probably triggered a period of global cooling that caused one of the most severe mass extinctions in Earth history. A new study by Jack…

Jingjing Xu with bouquet of flowers, certificate and her little daughter.
Campus Life International affairs

Career success and a second home in Oldenburg

Originally, Jingjing Xu planned to spend just one year at the University of Oldenburg. That was in 2017. She stayed longer to continue her research…

A box with diverse carrot varieties.
Top News Economics

Sowing the seeds for climate-resilient agriculture

Commons-based plant breeding promotes diversity and reduces farmers' dependence on international markets, a new study by sustainability researchers…

Top News Covid History

History in real time

Why we are already writing the history of the Covid pandemic: an article by historian Malte Thießen.

Ralph Bruder gives his inaugural speech, a presentation behind him reads "Open for new ways".
Presidential Board Top News Higher Education Policy

A university with much to give to society

Ralph Bruder has been university president since August. Now, he was oficially inaugurated. Bruder will steer the university for the coming six years.…

Top News Human Medicine

40 additional medical study places

The parties in government of Lower Saxony presented the results of the budget meetings on Tuesday. According to that, an additional 40 medical study…

The picture shows the team of University's Graduate Academy.
Campus Life Graduiertenakademie

"Career driver" for young researchers celebrates 10th anniversary

Giving young researchers the tools they need to gain a foothold in their careers – that has been the mission of the university’s Graduate Academy…

Photos of the scientists honoured by the University Society.
Top News Research

Research that creates something new

Oldenburg neuroscientist Martin Bleichner has received this year's "Prize for Excellent Research" from the University Society. Two recent doctoral…

Jan Vogelsang adjusts mirrors in the attosecond lab.
Top News Physics

Making nanoworld dynamics visible

Physicist Jan Vogelsang has been accepted into the renowned Emmy Noether Programme run by the German Research Foundation. Vogelsang can now establish…

Storm surge in Wilhelmshaven
Top News Economics

Climate adaptation: Is policy locked in?

Adaptation strategies are needed to mitigate the consequences of climate change. But policymakers are often hesitant to act. Political scientist…

Graphics shows the atoms of a single layer crystal between to layered mirrors.
Top News Physics

Ultra-thin crystals as light sources in lasers

Semiconductors consisting of three atomic layers could form the basis for innovative lasers that emit light at room temperature. An international team…

The two protagonists in front of a showcase with a poster highlighting the climate protection project.
Campus Life Higher Education Policy

Starting signal for a marathon

The university is on its way to climate neutrality. Today, the project group presented the plan at an online event. Climate protection manager Anna…

Six chairs remind of a doctor's waiting room. One has the german, another one has the dutch flag on it.
Top News Health Services Research

German-Dutch collaboration on healthcare research strengthened

An international team will investigate differences in the prescription of antibiotics, standard procedures for patients undergoing surgery, management…

Top News Studies

Welcome to campus

"Approach your studies with confidence and joy. It is an amazing phase in your lives!" With this message, University President Ralph Bruder welcomed…

Photo of Violeta Dinescu in the empty rows of chairs in the university auditorium.
Campus Life Music

Creating authentic music

Teaching, composing, organizing events – composer Violeta Dinescu has enriched musical life at the University of Oldenburg and far beyond for…

Salt marsh with flowering sea lavender.
Top News Marine Research

Coastal ecosystems as carbon storage?

Coastal ecosystems naturally store carbon. But how can this potential be improved? A new joint project has recently started investigating this…

Top News Human Medicine

Lonely people trust less

Lack of trust can make lonely people feel even lonelier, according to a current study in which researchers from Oldenburg were involved.

Two young people are discussing a book with each other; all that can be seen are their gesticulating hands, the book lying on the table, and another hand holding a pen.
Top News German Studies

Let's talk about literature

Do young people find poems and novels more accessible and interesting if the texts are discussed on an emotional level? A team led by literature…

Two women wearing masks walk through the foyer of the lecture hall building A14.
Presidential Board Top News

Back onto campus for the winter semester

Campus life again at last: For the winter semester, the University of Oldenburg is planning a study routine in which on-campus teaching will once…

Two students are practicing resuscitation on a manikin.
Campus Life Health Services Research

Expedition into the world of country doctors

From child protection to palliative care: at Oldenburg University's General Practice Summer School, 25 medical students from all over Germany are…

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