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Jobs at Hochschulsport

Jobs at Hochschulsport

At Hochschulsport (University Sports), you can do more than just get moving. You can also earn money here. We are almost always looking for competent, motivated people for a variety of jobs to guarantee and even improve the quality of our courses.

Trainer at Hochschulsport

Most of our courses are supervised by a trainer. Competence in athletics and fun working with people are important requirements for a job as trainer at Hochschulsport.

Supervisors and inspectors of Hochschulsport

Supervisors provide assistance to the sports officials and swimming pool supervisors in doing their work. They support sports venues at the weekend or during the week.
Inspectors check the access authorisation of the users of Hochschulsport to the sports halls.

Student employees at the University Sports office

The student employees at the Hochschulsport office organise the Hochschulsport programme. They plan and organise the courses and support the trainers in their area of responsibility at Hochschulsport.


Additional information is available at our office.

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