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Orientation Week

Welcome to the University of Oldenburg!

Dear new students of the Winter Semester 2021/2022,

to make sure you get off to a good start you need a whole lot of information. Right now, we're putting together everything you should know and you'll be able to access it here from October. You will find the answers to questions such as:

  • What is the semester structure?
  • When and where do the student orientation events take place?
  • How do I create my timetable?
  • What is my degree programme all about?
  • How do the university's learning platforms work?
  • What is the meaning of all the new terms?
  • Where can I get information and advice if I have questions?
  • What opportunities do I have to get involved during my studies?
  • Where are the contact points on campus?

Password secured pages

In order to access the content of this website starting from the end of September, you need your username and password. International students will learn more about the password during the International Orientation Week.

To ensure a smooth start into your studies, please budget some time between the 1 and 15 October and go through our online information. 

There, you will find videos and presentations, as well as live events. The live events will mainly take place between 4 and 15 October 2021. Please check whether events will take place on campus or online. Have a look and note down the dates for the topics you are interested in. 

Most Bachelor and Master programmes start on 18 October 2021. Due to the dynamic developments, it is not yet foreseeable to what extent classroom events will take place. You will be informed about this at the appropriate time.

Since some of your events could take place online, we recommend a laptop or PC with a microphone and camera and possibly a headset, and internet access.

We're looking forward to meeting you in October!

An International Orientation Week is also organised specially for new international students. This gives new international students the chance to take care of important paperwork and formalities and to get to know the University and the city of Oldenburg.

What can you do between now and October?

Are you a new international student?

Join our International Orientation Week!

Our International Orientation Week offers the opportunity to get to know the university and the city of Oldenburg and to meet other students. Moreover, it gives you the chance to take care of important formalities (such as enrolment, registration with the city, CampusCard).

International Orientation takes place in the week prior to the regular Orientation Week:

International orientation week

Are you new in Oldenburg and looking for somewhere to live?

Where can you find a flat in Oldenburg? What should you watch out for? How can you get a room in a hall of residence?

How to organise your stay in Oldenburg

Living in Oldenburg

So you finally moved in and you are looking for somewhere to eat?

Catering offered by the student service organisation (Studentenwerk) 

Please take a medical mouth-nose protection up to the table, keep your distance and observe the current behavioral instructions. A visit to the canteen is currently only possible with a reservation.


You need help paying for accommodation, food and shopping?

You want to refresh your knowledge before you start studying?

Some degree programmes offer preparatory courses:

Dates of the preparatory courses

Are you a parent and need information about studying with a child?

You have a chronic illness or disability and need advice?

If you are a student with a disability or chronic illness, there is a wide range of support on offer for students with long-term health issues. You can ask for information about benefits, study organisation, practical help, legal advice and recommendations.

Disability advisory service

Disability representative

Autonomous Office for students with a disability or chronic illness (Student Council AStA)

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