Kick Off Event

Kick Off Event "IPID4all - International Doctorates in Germany"

With this event, we want to inform interested junior and senior researchers about the possibilities for international and interdisciplinary research cooperation within the DAAD funded programme "International Doctorates in Germany - for all" (IPID4All). The programme is dedicated to energy related topics, including research groups of the University of Oldenburg, affiliated institutes and international partner institutions.

Date and Venue

21 April 2015, 16:00 - 19:00, BIS Saal (Library Hall)


  1. Introductory Talk
    Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery (President of the University of Oldenburg)
  2. Introduction to IPID4all
    Julia Rudman & Andreas Günther (IPID4all coordination team)
    (Presentation slides)
  3. Short presentations on energy research and international research cooperation
  4. Get-Together Buffet
    • With information for lecturers and doctoral students from the university‘s:
      International Relations Office (IRO)
      International Student Office (ISO)

Pictures from the IPID4all Kick Off Event

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