Research Areas

Energy Research in Oldenburg

Research in Oldenburg has applied itself to the wide ranging research field of energy for more than 30 years. This research includes science and engineering areas as well as information technology, meteorology and economics. These activities take place at the University of Oldenburg and at independent research institutions such as ForWind, NEXT ENERGY and OFFIS. The main focus of energy research in Oldenburg is the future of energy supply systems.
In order to structurally strengthen the interdisciplinary cooperation between the various Oldenburg research groups, the cross-faculty research network ENERiO, with over 25 participating research groups, has been established.

The scientific profile of the doctoral training is based on the interconnection between different scientific disciplines and a strong relation to other industry and scientific partners.

Research Areas 

Solar Energy Meteorology
Turbulence Research
Wind as a Resource
Energy Meteorology, Dr. Detlev Heinemann
Turbulence, Wind Energy and Stochastics - Twist, Prof. Dr. Joachim Peinke
ForWind, Prof. Dr. Joachim Peinke


Wind Energy Converters

Physical Chemistry

ForWind, Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn
Wind Energy Systems, Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn
Interfaces, Prof. Dr. Gunther Wittstock


ICT for Smart Grids
Energy Systems Technology
Energy Systems Analysis

Energieinformatik, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lehnhoff
DLR Institute of NES, Dr. Karsten von Maydell
DLR Institute of NES, Dr. Thomas Vogt


Energy Economics Ecological Economics, Prof. Dr. Bernd Siebenhüner
Economic Policy, Prof. Dr. Christoph Böhringer
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