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Hannah Arendt Centre

Hannah Arendt Centre

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The Hannah Arendt Centre at the Carl von Ossietzky University was established on 1st of July in 1999.

The central focus is an archive that contains most of the archived remains of Hannah Arendt, it includes the complete "Hannah Arendt Papers" from the Library of Congress in Washington DC. The legacy consists of Hannah Arendt`s extensive correspondence ranging from notes, lecture manuscripts, diaries, and the various printed versions of her works. The inventory is continuously being complemented. Since 2001, the archive - the only one in Europe - has access to a digitized version of her legacy, created in the Library of Congress. The research project of the centre includes the publication of a critical edition of Hannah Arendt`s works.

The Hannah Arendt Centre has its own book series (Hannah Arendt Studies), and offers lectures, symposia and conferences on the work of Hannah Arendt and the intellectual history of the 20th century. In addition, the centre is co-editor of the internet portal

The archive is open to the academic and general public by appointment, an advance registration is requested.

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