Prof. Dr. Johann Kreuzer
Institut für Philosophie
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Raum: S1-129

Dr. Richard Klein
Redaktion Musik & Ästhetik
Langackernstr. 2
79289 Horben
Tel.: 0761 / 290434

Dr. Maxi Berger
Institut für Philosophie
Tel.: 0441-798-4785
Raum: S1-139

Links: Forschungsstelle Intellektuellensoziologie (Leitung: Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Doohm)

Adorno Research Centre

Adorno Research Centre

The Adorno research centre emerged from the homonymous research centre, which was related to the Institute of Sociology since 1996 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Doohm. Since 2007 has been pursued at the Institute of Philosophy by Prof. Dr. Johann Kreuzer (in Oldenburg responsible for History of Philosophy and amongst others co-editor of the new critical complete edition of Walter Benjamin’s work and inheritance) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Doohm.

The aim of the research centre is to tie several activities concerning Adorno, Benjamin and Critical Theory in general, and to release them along with the results available due to long lasting research in Oldenburg. They should appeal further investigation, for instance, individual projects, such as dissertations, but also thematic projects on the potency and relevance of those impulses which Adorno’s ’critical’ theory contributed to the diagnosis of the present age.

Moreover, the research centre initiates conferences about Adorno’s work and ambient. It defines itself as a place which serves the purpose of both contesting and productively carrying on with Adorno’s work.

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