OLB award for physicist from Oldenburg

At the OLB award ceremony: Karin Katerbau (OLB), Patricia Mühr, Ole Roggenbuck, Fabian Meder, Tim Christian Kietzmann, Svenja Engels, Andreas Schönfeld, Joachim Treusch (Jury), Georgiana Ciobotaru, Jürgen Mittelstraß (Jury) (Foto: Hauke-Christian Dittrich)


Oldenburg Last wednesday, seven graduates from the universities from Oldenburg, Bremen and Osnabrück were granted scientific awards from the OLB foundation. The awards for outstanding doctorial and degree projects were presented to the awardees by the jury member Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Mittelstraß during a ceremony in the Theater Laboratorium in Oldenburg. 

The first price (endowed with 5000 Euro apiece) received the physicist Andreas Schönfeld from the medical radiation physics group at the university of Oldenburg and Dr. Fabian Meder from the department of industrial engineering at the university of Bremen.

The second prices (3500 Euro apiece) were awarded to Dr. Svenja Engels (Institute for biology and environmental sciences / Uni Oldenburg) and Ole Roggenbuck (Department of construction and geoinformation at the Jade Hochschule Oldenburg).

Dr. Tim Christian Kietzmann (Institute for cognitive science/Uni Osnabrück) and Georgiana Ciobotaru (International Logistics: Jacobs University Bremen) were given the third price (2500 Euro apiece). A special price endowed with 2500 Euro was awarded to Dr. Patricia Mühr (School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies / Uni Oldenburg).

The awards are important evidence for the spirit of research and the accomplishments of the universities in the northwest of Germany and are intended to promote the collaboration between science and economy. This time, nearly 90 researchers had applied for the scientific award.


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