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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

  • Ela Chojnowski

New PPRE-Staff - 2

Elzbieta (Ela) Chojnowski, another PPRE colleague, takes the opportunity to introduce herself.

Elzbieta (Ela) Chojnowski was born in Wrocław, Poland and moved to Oldenburg in 1987. 
In 1996 she started being involved in the University of Oldenburg at the Institute of Physics and was part of the working group marine physics of Dr. Reiner Reuter. Until 2019 she worked in the department Energy and Semiconductor Research Laboratory (EHF) of Prof. Jürgen Parisi.

Since 2017 she is not only a part of the Ultrafast Nanoscale Dynamics working group of Prof. Sascha Schäfer, but also in the team of Quantum Biology and Computational Physics of Prof. Ilia Solov’yov.
Additionally, she started joining the PPRE team in the field of finances and human resources.
What she particularly likes are the contact with people, the use of numbers and the variety that her job brings along. These things ensure that she still has great fun in her work. She finds the work at ppre particularly interesting and has great respect for the performance of all ppre colleagues.

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