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Table of Contents Publication 4

Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy


Proceedings of the Summer School 2006
Michael Golba, Walter Neddermann


Solar Resource Information
Elke Lorenz, Germany

PV System Analysis und Performance
Hans Georg Beyer, Germany

PVSAT-2: Satellite-based Performance Check of Photovoltaic Systems
Elke Lorenz, Germany

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Technology - Clean energy
Production and Storage for Renewable Energy Sources

Robert Steinberger-Wilckens, Germany

CUTE - Clear Urban Transport for Europe, Learning from a large demonstration project for hydrogen and fuel cells in public transport
Klaus Stolzenburg, Germany

Development of PV-Diesel Hybrid Market in Indonesia
Amiral Azis, Chayun Budiono

Techno-economy Optimization of PV-Diesel Hybrid / Stand-alone Systems for Remote Area Power Supply Based on Emirical Analysis for Indonesia
Chayun Budiono, Indonsia

Performance Optimization of Solar PV Systems to Meet School's Power Requirements: A Case Study of Viveka Tribal school at Hosahally Village, Karnataka State - India
S. Shamsundar, Shaaban S. Kayungilo, India


Simulation of amorphous silicon pin diodes and amorphous silicon / crystalline silicon heterodiode solar cells
R. Brüggemann, M. Rösch, Germany

Numerical and Experimantal Photoluminescence Studies
of a-Si:H/c-Si Heterodiodes

Ibrahim Ahmed Shafi Al Mohtad, Bangladesh

Effect of Mesh on Fast Deposition of Highly Crystallized Microcrystalline Silicon Film using Microwave Plasma For Thin Film Solar Cells
Jhantu Kumar Saha, Naoyuki Ohse, Kazu Hamad, Haijun Jia
and Hajime Shirai, Japan

CIGS Thim Film Solar Cells and its buffer layer
Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Thin Influence of the Substrate on the Behavior of
CIS Thin Film Solar Cell

Yin Zhang, China


Barrir Removal to Secure PV Market Penetration in
Semi-Urban Sudan

Mohamed Ali Hamid, Sudan

Sino German Program - Renewable Energies in Rural Areas
Qiying Hu, China

The Role of Modern Energy in Rural Transfomation of Tanzanian
Communities: Experiences of Solar Energy in Rural Livelihoods

Finias Bryceson Magessa, Tazmania

Sanata Cruz Gardens: An Environmentally Friendly, PV Energy Independent with Grid Back-up, Urban Development Housing in the
Galapagos Islands of Ecuador

Santiago Sánchez, Ecuador

Implementation of a large-scale PV-wind hybrid systems on the
island of Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)

Norma Rodriguez Blandon, Niceragua / Brazil

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