Coordination: Daniela Rommel

Office hours: by appointment



Aspects of the Tandem Program

Kick-off Event - for Everyone Interested in Tandem

As soon as you decide to join Tandem this semester, create a partner search in stud.ip. Note: Either both partners should want credit points or neither should want them. Therefore, indicate in your search your preference regarding credit or non-credit participation. Whether you have found a partner or not, join one of the online sessions via BigBlueButton at the beginning of the semester. Here the entire program is explained, and Tandems who want to earn credit points sign up for the entire program.

Tandems with credit points also participate in the following activities:

Weekly Tandem Meetings and Blog Entries

The core of Tandem! You meet with your partner weekly for at least 90 minutes and document your activities in a Wordpress blog in stud.ip. Each Tandem has its own blog, and occasionally you read and comment on the other Tandems' blogs.

Learning Skills Counseling

The learning skills counseling session helps you to structure your learning efficiently and to clear up any problems that may arise. Each Tandem meets with the coordinator for a counseling session early in the semester. In addition, the coordinator is available to you whenever you feel it is necessary.


In three workshops (Friday afternoon), you share your experiences with other Tandems and get support in topics such as setting your learning goals, correcting errors in Tandem, self evaluation and other aspects of autonomous learning. Your personal interests and your individual learning style are always central in these online meetings.

Closing Event

To celebrate their progress, the entire group meets on the last Friday afternoon of the semester where each Tandem gives a short presentation.


Every Tandem has a BigBlueButton meeting with the coordinator at the end of the semester. At that time each participant evaluates their own learning progress and also their experience with the Tandem program as a whole.


(Changed: 2021-08-16)