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Versorgungsforschung M.Sc.

The new Master's programme in Health Services Research

Health services research is an emerging, interdisciplinary field of research within health services research. Health services research supports the translation of evidence-based findings from clinical studies into the reality of health services and examines the quality of patient care in diagnostics, prevention, curation, rehabilitation, nursing and palliation. The aim is always to improve the health of persons or specific population groups in need of care.

The interdisciplinary and research-oriented degree programme deals with central questions of care in the health system and qualifies students for research and evidence-based further development of health care. The study contents are adapted to the needs of the fields of activity in science as well as in practice.

You will acquire knowledge and understanding of the healthcare system, as well as skills in the areas of technology, digitalisation, ethics, communication and scientific research and practice.

Teaching is closely linked to current research projects of the Department of Health Services Research.

Information on the study programme

Occupation and fields of activity

You will be qualified for employment in the professional field of science at universities and non-university institutions as well as in the professional field of quality assurance, management and coordination as well as evaluation, implementation and consultation of health policy measures in practice and health policy. Furthermore, you will develop a scientific self-understanding of good scientific practice, research ethics and participatory research. You will develop competences in the area of the introduction and evaluation of new care models for the further development of the quality of care.

Examples of concrete areas of activity:

  • Quality assurance and coordination in health care organisations
  • Science, research management and transfer
  • Evaluation, implementation, advice on health policy measures
  • Identifying health care problems and finding solutions
  • (Quality) management
  • Digital health
  • Personnel and organisational development

Study content

  • Design of health systems
  • Medical, psychological, sociological and economic interrelationships of health and disease
  • Theoretical foundations of health services research, evidence-based medicine, ethics and organisation in health services
  • Digitalisation and the use of technology in health care
  • Basic principles and measures of quality and risk management in health care
  • Use and application of research methods
  • Communication of research results
  • Self-management and teamwork skills

Study structure

The modules of the Master's degree programme have different courses, main competences and subject-content focal points. In terms of content, the modules are related to each other and are aligned with the objective of the study programme.

The Master's degree programme "Health Services Research" is composed of the following modules:

Basic modules on the fundamentals of health and care, health and care systems, health economics, evidence-based research and methods in health services research. In-depth modules on medical technology and ethics in care via digitalisation as well as quality and risk management in the health care system to organisational research and development. Professionalisation modules Professional field internship, research project, general studies.

Targeted deepening by setting focal points in the areas of:

  • Digitisation in health services research
  • Organisation and quality


The study programme "Health Services Research" (M.Sc.) has been accredited by the agency AHPGS until 30.09.2029.

Advantages of the study programme

  • Training to become an expert
  • Research-oriented
  • With application reference to regional institutions
  • Insight into practice and research
  • Internship and research projects

Research areas in the Department of Health Services Research

  • Assistance systems
  • Organisational research
  • Care systems and patient orientation
  • People and technology
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