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Information about the bachelor thesis

Admission to the Bachelor thesis

In order to be able to register for the Bachelor thesis at the Academic Examination Office, the prerequisites must first be fulfilled (proof of 120 CP as well as a valid certificate of enrollment must be provided).

For the application for admission to the bachelor thesis you need the following documents (available as download at the end of this page):

  • a proposal for the topic of the thesis
  • a proposal for the two examiners (at least one of whom must be a member of the university teaching staff - this also includes private lecturers)
  • "a statement as to whether a Bachelor's examination or parts of such an examination or another examination in one of the chosen subjects at the university or equivalent institution of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany or in the European Higher Education Area have been definitively failed or whether the student is currently undergoing examination proceedings" (BPO § 21 paragraph 2, d)

Only those who are listed on the respective lists of examiners are admitted as examiners for the Bachelor thesis. In exceptional cases, university lecturers from other degree programs or other universities may be admitted upon application.

Admission to the Bachelor thesis will be denied by the examination board if one of the requirements is not met.

Attention. Special requirements: For the Bachelor's program in Social Sciences, proof of English in spoken and written form is required (e.g. four years of school English with at least success rated as sufficient).

See also § 21 and § 22 BPO! (Examination regulations general part)

It is recommended to go personally to the examination office for registration in order to have the completeness and correctness of the documents to be brought checked directly. 

Duration and scope of the bachelor thesis

A period of max. 4 months after the issue of the topic is provided for the preparation of the Bachelor thesis. It is weighted with 12 CP (§22 (5) BPO).

A length of about 40 pages is recommended.

The assessment by the examiners usually takes place within 6 weeks (§ 22 (8) BPO). In addition, the Examination Office requires 4-6 weeks for processing and certificate preparation.

All in all, after submission of the Bachelor thesis, a time of at least three months has to be planned for the evaluation of the thesis and the issuing of the Bachelor certificate!

Therefore, especially students applying for a Master's program are advised to register early.

Application to the Master's program at the University of Oldenburg is possible with 150 CP. The missing credits (e.g. acquired through the Bachelor thesis) must be submitted subsequently. The final enrollment for the Master is only possible with a passed final examination. The deadline for submitting the BA certificate at a later date can be obtained from the Enrollment Office.

A leave of absence from the study program is only possible after submission of the Bachelor thesis.

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