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Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Fakulty I - School of Educational and Social Sciences
Institute for Social Sciences
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Graduate program AROWI

Work - Organization - Knowledge
Specialization seminars within the structured graduate program

The structured program AROWI at the University of Oldenburg aims to accompany social science graduates in the areas of work, organization and knowledge in the development of their doctorates, and to bring them closer to new social science approaches and studies on these topics. It is part of the university-wide Graduate School 3 GO and can be completed with a certificate after completion of the planned events (summer schools, own teaching, foreign lectures, participation in colloquia ...) in the total scope of 30 credits. The contents of the doctoral programs are regulated by an examination regulations. The doctoral program continues to be based on the relevant regulations of the Faculty I.



Institute for Social Sciences

Societal Cohesion

For the social sciences questions of social differentiation as well as the cultural, economic, social and political conditions of social cohesion are in the center of interest. It analyzes processes of differentiation as well as the individual and institutional prerequisites of social integration and its threats of loss of meaning, the loss of economic and professional perspectives, economic and technological dynamics and particularistic or populist strategies.

The Social Sciences of Oldenburg

In analyzing these challenges, the Oldenburg Social Sciences focus on a combination of sociology and political science and focus on the central difference between these two disciplines: while sociology analyzes social orders (and their threats) as a condition and consequence of situational action or communication, political science focuses on the study of political processes and thus on the conditions and consequences of collective, altruistic or utilitarian action. This analyzes the order of modern societies and their threats through an erosion of social cohesion from a political science and sociological perspective.


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