Departmental Erasmus+ Coordinator
(information and consulting)

Janina Dott

Vice Dean for International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Ulla Licandro

Coordinator for Erasmus+ and Internationalisation

Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

Staff mobility for teaching with Erasmus+ (STA)

Not only students, but also teaching staff has the opportunity to gain experience at other European universities! In this way, new teaching impulses can be gained, international relationships can be established and the exchange between universities can be promoted.

This applies to teaching staff of the Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation (outgoings) as well as to foreign staff who would like to gain teaching experience in Oldenburg (incomings).

Within the framework of the stay, which can last between one week and up to two months, individual lectures, seminars or also working groups are offered for the students on site - the exact details are discussed directly with the host university.

General information on how a stay abroad for teaching purposes can look like can be found here on the page of the International Office.

First steps

  1. Inform yourself about the possibilities and conditions of staff mobility for teaching (STA).
  2. Choose a European university that matches your work and research interests that you would like to visit. All existing collaborations of Faculty I can be viewed here.
  3. Arrange a consultation with the International Office - they can give you more detailed information on how to proceed.

Funding through Erasmus+

There are certain requirements for financial support of the stay abroad through Erasmus+.

In general, all university professors, research assistants and doctoral candidates are eligible for funding.

Per started week that the stay lasts, at least 8 hours of teaching must be offered at the host university.

Funding is provided in the form of fixed daily rates, which are based on the cost of living in the respective country and the duration of the stay. An overview can be found here.

Information for foreign teaching staff

You would like to teach at a German university? The Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Oldenburg welcomes you!

The department focuses on research and teaching on the development and participation of people living with disabilities / under difficult conditions. The respective working and research groups groups deal with pedagogy and didactics with specific impairments (e.g. language or learning impairments) or with overarching issues.

We are always open for international exchange and would be happy to get in touch with you! If you are interested, please contact . Afterwards, possibilities for a teaching stay at our department can be explored together.

Information on current international projects can be found here.

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